Halloween DIY costumes

I have always loved Halloween; the spooky movies, fun treats, but most of all the one evening you can become someone else for one night, and be as creative as you’d like!

As a Fashion Designer, I now love making my own costumes; the creativity part of the process is so much fun; and I love putting bits and pieces together to create one amazing costume. This year I am making “Jack and Sally costumes” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, for my husband and myself. It is quote the undertaking, but will be well worth it:

Below are some amazing costume ideas for you to draw inspiration from! Be creative, have fun, and go all out!

*Find this DIY @ http://www.curbly.com/users/brittni-mehlhoff/posts/16566-roundup-14-adult-halloween-costume-ideas-that-are-totally-awesome-amp-easy-to-recreate

Hooked Mermaid | Click Pic for 26 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women | DIY Halloween Dress Up Ideas for Adults

*Watch the full “Hooked mermaid” tutorial @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqYoQFUTmI4*

*Find this adorable bat DIY @ http://www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com/diy-adult-costumes/*

*Be an “Ice bucket Challengee” in this fun tutorial! http://www.refinery29.com/halloween-makeup-tutorials?crlt.pid=camp.zEgeNLUweaOJ#slide-28*

Have fun with these tutorials, and be safe this Halloween!

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Monthly Style Guide-Tshirt Fashion

I was never much of a t-shirt wear-er up until recently; it never seemed fun, interesting or fashionable! I used MY t-shirts for bed wear, not ready to wear! T-shirts always felt like they were more of a gentlemanly fashion, and carried a masculine quality about them.

Well, fashion evolves everyday, with new fashions being pumped out in a fast and furious manner. T-shirts for woman NOW come in a variety of looks; soft, sweet, up-cycled, sexy and more. “Meme” t-shirts are also gaining a BIG hurrah in the fashion community, as well.


*Find this ADORABLE up-cycled t-shirt @ http://www.dramatiquedesigns.com *

Now often it can be difficult to find well fitting t-shirts for women; it seems many sizes run small and not true to a woman’s natural curves. That said; I always recommend looking at the measurements or writing to the company to ask if their shirts run true to size. 

I am also a big supporter of “Made in the USA” and all of my products are made, by me, in my Portland Studio! Here is a tidbit that may shock you;  98 % of clothing purchased in the United States is imported! That is right, only 2% of clothing is made in the USA.

Why is it important that you support US based designers and sellers? Well, Buying Made in USA is not just a passing trend. It truly is something that we, as consumers, can and should and should be doing to support small businesses.  Also, supporting small businesses that upcycle is amazing as well; these companies are taking something that could end up in the landfill and instead turning it into something NEW!

US based clothing companies means the focus is on quality over quantity, and most importantly taking a stand against  overworked, underpaid, sometimes malnourished employees in sweatshop-like conditions that  churn out cheap clothes that lack durability.

Talk to the hamsa graphic print American Apparel Women's Round neck T-shirts

*This fabulous graphic print Tshirt (American apparel brand) can be found @ http://www.episodegraphics.etsy.com*

Whatever your tee style is, remember that you can style them for all year round fashion; pair with a skirt for date night; wear an oversized version as a beach cover-up, or pair with your fave jeans! Stay stylish, and be sure to buy US made!

Batiked Dragonfly on Ladies Contour Tee

*Colorful Organic cotton, US made tee can be found on http://www.earthcreations.net

Have FUN with fashion, and be YOURSELF!

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How can YOU create a trend?

I would like to expand upon a post I wrote in 2013, you can find it here:

—–> https://dramatiquedesigns.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/style-trends-they-come-from-within/

In that post I discussed how the trends of tomorrow come from within. “Wait, whaaa” , you ask? Trends are created by YOU! That’s right, the trends you see in magazines were created you! The styles you see on the runway, come from street trends. Street trends come from…..YOU! “OMG, I GET it, I am famous!” Ok maybe you’re are not famous, and maybe you will never get credited, but you can still have a warm fuzzy knowing that you are contributing to the style of tomorrow.

Did you know YOU can create your very own trend? <cricket cricket> I KNOW it seems unreal! You are in AWE and can’t speak; it’s ok I am great at doing all the talking 🙂

Designers are highly influenced by trends, because these trends can turn into: cha-ching, sales and revenue. Typical trends are started by those in the close eye of the camera; celebrities start many trends and their fans go wild. But what if you could create your own trend? Ok , I know I keep promising to tell you how!

So, below are MY beginner tips to starting your own trend! I want comments from all my fans on trends they have started, and future comments on trends that are really working!

#1 Be confident! If you do not have confidence that you can do this, then go read one of my other posts(pssst! I know you can do it!)

#2 Wear your trend/use your trend in public!  People need to be able to SEE what is is that you are wanting to flaunt, so flaunt it girl! And man…..

#3 Promote your trend on social media. You NEED to have good content though; you can’t just post a pic of you in a “chicken costume” and expect it to trend overnight! But if you WORK it, and tell readers WHY that costume is GOLDEN, you can sell it!

#3 Use hash-tags on Instagram, twitter and Facebook

#4 Look up current trends you can play off of! Maybe this year “hippie jeans” are trending, and those dream catchers you make now have a great avenue to slip into that hippie theme!

Remember with big rewards, must also come hard work. Work and define your trend and make it visible for everyone to see!

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                                                                   Dramatic Erin

Monthly Style Guide – What to wear, and not to wear on that first date

OOOOO, you have a date? Congrats girlfriend….and man….friend.No, but seriously, this applies to women AND men! I always write about style for women, but obviously dudes matter too!


Ok, so it is your first date and you both are super nervous right? I know in the past when I dated(like a cobwebs age ago) what to wear would always grate on my nerves. I mean after all, you ARE sort of being judged off your style. Oh c’mon, I KNOW what you’re thinking ” Erin, he/she likes me for my mind”! C’mon, the mind will come later if they are worthy and lucky enough to make a comfy place in your life; until then, THE CLOTHING MATTERS!


So, obviously what to wear depends highly on where you are going on your date! You don’t want to wear shorts  to that fancy fish restaurant you are going too. Actually, don’t wear shorts on a date. EVER. No really, please. I also think it is super important to show some class, even if the date is casual. Ladies: Please do not dig out that super short skirt that you have to be yanking down past your hoo ha. Yes, I went there, I said that word. Don’t judge me!  Have some class. And dudes, please don’t wear a muscle tank top on a date. Your date doesn’t want to see that much on a first date, plus it just looks super tacky. Save it for the bedroom.

“OMG, Erin you haven’t told me what to wear yet!” Ok, ok sheesh! Ladies, here are tips for what to wear on your first date:

1.) Stick with darker colors, no white. Spillage of food could happen!

2.) Go for comfort: long bohemian skirts, legging with a cute jersey skirt over it, low heel boots, peasant tops, etc. I mean, you could be going on a roller coaster! Plus if you eat to much you won’t have to worry about unbuttoning the top of your jeans, duh.

3.) Tiny studs , or small earrings. You don’t need to go to the ER when you rip your giant hoop out of your ear. Common sense ladies!

4.)LOW.SHOES. Look ladies, you can’t be trying to look cool and then falling on you arse when you wear your towering manolo ….whatever those dang shoes are called. Wear low heel shoes, and then you can skip around happily and not worry about face planting into the cement!


Ok! Now for all you studly dudes, here are the golden rules you must follow to be dressed for a successful date!

1.) Please. For the love of god. Wear LOOSE fitting pants. Not BAGGY(please don’t show your undies, women hate that) casual, good fitting, has room to breath pants. Look, the truth is, women do NOT want to look at your junk on the first date, so please do not wear pants so tight we can see Mt. Everest.

2.) I really love the khaki, chino look. Its handsome, casual, but not TOO casual. Iron your pants! And no rips! C’mon don’t make your mom iron them for you….

3.) Comb your hair dudes! Unless, you have none then your good. Please don’t look like you rolled outta bed.Brush back the hair, and throw on a dab of cologne. A dab, not the whole bottle.Women LOVE a good cologne(trust me) but we want the “essence” of it, we DON’T want you to have to take us to the ER cause we passed out.

4.)There always is this misconception that a tucked in shirt =nerdy. In fact, a man that  tucks in his shirt  is seen as respectful, and it shows he cares about his appearance, AND it is super sexy! So c’mon dudes, tuck it in. um…the shirt. 

Look, the truth is nobody is perfect. In the end, you’RE fated to be with your true love no matter what you wear, but first impressions go a long way, so do your best to look amazing! Trust me your date will appreciate it, and hopefully ask you out for a second date:) Now what to wear no a second date,THAT’S a whole ‘nother story….

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Monthly Style Guide- Fair Isle

Winter; a time for mittens, sweaters, scarfs and even more cozies! Although fair Isle is mainly associated with warm winter wear, I cannot help but love the look of it.

Knitted Pillow Covers Fair Isle Up Cycled Sweater Rust

*These adorable up-cycled pillows can be found @ http://www.buttermilkcottage.etsy.com*

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland Islands. I love the myriad of designs that can be created with this technique, and as a knitter myself I am dipping my toe in the world of Fair Isle. I can do it!

*This amazing purse an be found @ http://www.studiorisa.etsy.com*

Fair Isle used to be seen as rather old, with a “Grandma” aroma to it, but the style world has allowed it to sneak in and make it’s mark. And for most of us, ‘fair isle’ conjures up images of Norwegian ski sweaters or snowflake motifs that go on for days, but there is simplicity in this unique way of designing as well. Either way, there is something about Fair Isle that inspires me to dance a jig, drink hot chocolate, and maybe even go skiing, and I have only been skiing once in my life!

Fuzzy Fairisle Pullover

*This fuzzy fair isle sweater can be found ! http://www.freepeople.com*

Scarfs -An every day staple to our closet

I remember my first trip to India, all the wonder smells and beautiful colors surrounding me. One thing that really stuck out in my mind was all the  beautiful colors the women wore. flowing tops with breezy and soft cotton pants, swirling sari’s that were draped perfectly, and then there were the beautiful scarfs.Bright oranges and pinks,sunny yellows, teal blues with hints of delicate gold; all casually draped over their lovely dark skin.


Ever since that trip ( plus many more to other countries), I fell in love with scarfs. Whether it be protection for my neck from the cold winds of the pacific Northwest, or a colorful accessory to my outfit, I cannot live without them!

Scarfs are something that never go out of style, and can be worn all year round. Don’t be afraid to play up the color, and/or style. How can it not be fun to be comfortable AND stylish!

Have fun and don’t let your animals “scarf up” your scarfs! *My attempt of a corny joke, my husband would be proud!*


Find this on Etsy @ the shop ” Shovava”


* Find this on Etsy @  the shop “Foxesyarnbarn”


Find this on Etsy @ the shop “Kateramseyfelt”

November Style Guide

I love knitted finger-less gloves, but more so I am loving the sweet , knitted Victorian cuffs that seem to be popping up everywhere.

The way they peek out from shirts and sweaters, they are adorable, warm, and I think Jane Austen would be simply writhing with jealously if she was still around!

There are many different styles, but they give a sense of romanticism and delicacy that I would love to win over again with the female population. Not EVERYTHING has to be daring and sexy, it can be simple and sweet. You are a girl after all, time to show that soft and feminine style!

Here are a few faves:






Monthly style guide – Delicious cowls, a trend that is here to stay

Oh, how I LOVE cowls! They are no longer a way to keep warm, they have become quite fashionable as well. I love the various styles of handmade knitted cowls that are being made and sold online( * Yes I am one of THOSE sellers- woot to self promotions!)

It is funny how knitted items used to not hold a very high title in the fashion world; they were for “Grandma’s” right?! Well, no longer is that the case. Knitted items are trending everywhere; Cowls, finger-less gloves, hats, dresses, lingerie, and so much more.

But here I have gone and veered off the track, so common of me when it comes to talking about fashion:) With this crisp fall weather creeping up on us, it is the perfect time to wrap yourself in delicious cowl-ness.  I also love the fact that cowls are NOT just for women! First hand experience tells me that my husband can rock a cowl like you wouldn’t believe!

Alternately, if you have ever wanted to learn to knit there are so many wonderful patterns, and you tube videos willing and ready to teach you!. I highly recommend ravelry.com for all levels of experience, and “iknits” has an amazing youtube channel with easy to follow patterns and tutorials. Either way this is a perfect time to stock up on all those cozy knitted items; fashion-wise they are extremely trendy! Be sure to visit my knit shop where I sell all styles of knitwear: http://www.hipknitism.etsy.com

*The following photos are not my own, but merely a representation of the amazing styles you can find*