Monthly Handmade Style Guide

This month we are going to rave about embroidery! Whether on shirts, coats, pants, purses, shoes, and more; hand embroidery is a unique and decorative way to showcase your handmade fashions.

Examples of embroidery have been dated as far back as the 3rd century BC in China;and was also very important in Islamic culture as it was a sign of high social status in Muslim societies. it is a beautiful process that has been around for years, and the way we have integrated into our everyday wear is unique, beautiful, and will never be a trend that will fail as it is an unstoppable art.

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Remember, supporting handmade artisans means so much more than you may know; a handmade item is valued far more than an item that was made for mass consumption. There is a sense of authenticity and originality where handmade is concerned. There are so many other reasons; but lets start by rejecting the mass market of mediocrity.

Let’s take a look at some amazing hand embroidered fashions!


I really adore this embroidered feminist tee! Find this cutie @ Bitty Brooklyn on Etsy.

FEMINIST TEE - feminist shirt future is female hand embroidered embroidery boobs tshirt protest tee top feminist af womens march shirt

OMG I cannot even handle how ADORABLE this felted and embroidered purse is! Find it @ Life and Wool on Etsy.

Crossbody Handbag Small Felted Bags and Purse Needle Felted Make Up Purse Gift for Her

How can you NOT feel cute in these charming embroidery hoop necklaces? Find them @ Mary’s Dream Studio on Etsy.

Bee Jewelry - Bee Necklace - Hoop Art - Just Be Mindfulness -  Personalized Gift  - Hand Embroidery - modern embroidery - Honey Bee

This embroidered hoop art TOTALLY speaks to me as it mentions a line from one of my favorite musicals(Sound of Music!). Find this amazing piece of artistry @  Garland and Pendant on Etsy.

Climb Every Mountain Hand Embroidered Hoop | Sound of Music, embroidery hoop art, Rustic, Mountains, Woodland, Adventure, hand embroidery

This stunning cotton dress was hand embroidered; this is the real deal my friends! This is artistry at it’s finest; one of a kind and so gorgeous. Find this dress @ Solomiya ON Etsy.

Ukrainian Traditional Boho Lacy Wedding, Prom, Engagement Dress. Floral Design: Red Poppy Flowers, Chamomile, Cornflowers. Hand Embroidered.


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Monthly Handmade Style Guide- Small Business Saturday

This months style guide is in honor of the upcoming small business Saturday on November 26th, and all of the amazing reasons you should support handmade and small shops.

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Consider all the small business that surround you now, how they have thrived with customers just like you.The time, commitment, and effort that these small business have put into staying alive is worth your support. The personal commitment that folks put into their  small businesses show in the hands on customer service they give, the packaging in their products,  and the effort they have gone to to make unique handmade products for you to give to your loved ones.


Local businesses are also more likely to give back to the community.Small businesses bring economic advantages; when you buy local more money stays within the community. One Chicago study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer. Also, when local residents shop at small businesses within their communities, their tax dollars stay within the local economy, helping to improve their community as a result.


Also , I have preached wholly on why buying handmade benefits you, the economy, the earth, and so many other ways, but here are a few reasons why you should consider handmade:

  • No 2 handmade items are exactly the same, each is unique and special, and you own the honor of having the only one like it.
  • Handmade products are usually made in a more environmentally sustainable way than mass produced ones.
  • Handmade items are not made by children in sweatshops in Third World countries making 10 cents a day. Experienced and trained crafts-folk are making your items; and while you may pay a bit more, this reason alone should inspire you to support handmade.
  • When you take your money and hand it to a handmade artisan, you are saying ” I support what  you do” and you are supporting quality over the quantity of huge conglomerates.

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Without further ado I would like to offer a list of my favorite handmade businesses online that you can shop from, in the comfort of your home. Please be sure to support local business this small business Saturday. You will be offering more change to this earth than you know:

1.) – Upcycled clothing and accessories

2.) – Crochet accessories and Clothing items

3.)– Custom  clothing and accessories for youngsters

4.) – Hand-painted Quote Art

5.) – Adorable knitting patterns

6.) – Natural Raw Crystal Jewelry

7.) – Handmade Clothing & Bridal Gowns

8.) – Upcycled clothing

9.) – Handmade waterproof leaf bags and backpacks

10.) – Exotic Indian clothing for women

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