Weekly DIY- Cable Knit Headband

Who doesn’t LOVE to knit? Oh…ok….well why are ya here then? As long as you are , stick around because this is fun AND easy! Also it comes in 2 different sizes, the narrower version I tried the first time, and this time I tried the wide version. I  love both!

This weeks DIY comes to you courtesy of ” Getting purly with it” , and is  a FREE headband! Yes, FREE! Ok, sorry to yell but free is my favorite word, next to love and food. You can find the pattern here : 


Knitting is so uber easy, and comes naturally to MOST. There I go yelling again, but it is so true. Some people try to knit, and end up just using the knitting sticks as chopsticks. FOR REALZ. So, if knitting makes you angry, and gives long lasting impressions of eating ramen with your knitting needles, you should probably go away, like now. But come back later because I have tons of cool stuff on my blog that I am sure you will love!

This headband is perfect for a beginner , or intermediate knitter. If you are advanced, you should be able to knit it up faster then you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidoious. Ugh, that was way to hard to type. Moving on. For this project you will need some bulky yarn; I used:  Malibrigo chunky yarn in the color ” Cadmium, a gorgeous yellow/orange color.Malabrigo Chunky is a three-ply, 100% merino wool yarn in a bulky weight. You can buy this yarn at a great price here :


You will need size 7 knitting needles for this project. Now is the time I am supposed to tell you to “check your gauge, blah blah blah” . Well I am a naughty knitter and I do not check gauge, GASP!

If you so desire to knit a gauge, go for it! But, I am a daredevil, and my projects turn out great 🙂  To knit this project you should know basic knitting keys, but I will be nice and explain a few in case the pattern is making you want to rip your hair out :

  • (k)-knit
  • (p)-purl
  • (rs)-right side
  • (ws)-wrong side

In most patterns you will see this for making cables : ” C3NB”( Cable 3 with needle in back), but my favorite patterns are the one that dumb it down for me, and say something like” Put 3 loops on cable needle, hold cable needle in front, knit 3, then knit 3 from needle. WAHOO! Sorry, got excited. That is why I like this pattern, it does this exact thing, and is super simple.

Now maybe you are a beginner knitter, and are like ” What’s casting on? What’s a knit stitch” Well, I commend your bravery, and KNOW that with a few lessons you can make this a beginner project! So I am going to provide you with a few you tube links to some of my favorite ways to learn to knit. I learned to knit and crochet via YouTube. GASP! I know riggghhhht? But seriously I am a visual learner, and do much better watching someone perform a task, in order to learn.

Ok, this is seriously the BEST BEGINNER KNIT VIDEO! I gotta yell it cause it is so true! She goes super slow, teaching you to cast on,knit with the left AND right hand, and how to cast off. I also love how all of her videos are title ” How to knit! Even if your clueless” or ” How to Crochet! Even if your clueless”. I feel clueless a LOT, so this crafty gal is my kinda gal! Seriously if you watch this and cannot get it….well, then maybe you should take up miming. yea….miming. Ok, here is the video!


Another great YouTube channel is called ” New stitch a day: Knitting and Crochet video tutorials”  and it is taught by a DUDE!  I mean, c’mon you know your excited that duds knit too? right?!?! Learn how to purl, rib, cable, and much more by going to his channel :


If this blog post has not inspired you to learn to knit and make this awesome project, or if you already knit,  then go away. HA!  Totes kidding…But seriously, get out there and knit it up! Send me pics of your finished project, and I will give you a one time coupon code for 20% off in either one of my shops! YES! YELLING AND EXCLAMATION MARKS ALL AROUND!! Here is my email :


My sites to look for your rad new gifts you will buy:

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http://www.hipknitism.etsy.com – Knitted and crochet items to die for!

Me in my finished product, looking all sorts of awesome :

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender


Up-cycling and repairing: Turning boring into glam

I have always enjoyed up-cycling and creating  something new out of something old. Whether it be an rather boring pair of jeans that need some pizazz, or in this case a shirt that has a hole in it that you may think is garbage, you can turn anything boring into something glam!

Why toss something simply because it is old or needs repair? There are so many ways   glam it up, the possibilities are endless! Today we have a solid color tank top that has a hole in the front , and sewing knit fabric that is not on a seam is nearly impossible without having it bunch.

To start you will need the following supplies including the item you want to repair or “dress up” In this case we are sewing on stretch knit jersey so it is best to use the same type of fabric so all seams are smooth and not bunchy:


Next take your paper pattern previously cut out( you can use any shape you like and cut it from paper) and place on fabric. Pin if you’d like, I  prefer to freehand this simple and small pattern:


Next, pin your fabric to whatever are you’d like( in this case I am covering a hole):


Next take one of your small eyelets and position it face-down to the first area it will go in( I chose the bottom point of the heart):


Using your finger to hold it down, turn your clothing over to show the wrong side, and pull the fabric taut over the back of the eyelet. Using a seam ripper, tear a small hole where the fabric has settled flat over the eyelet, make SURE it is a tiny hole, especially if your fabric is stretchy. It will stretch over the eyelet, and you can’t make it smaller, but you can always make it bigger. It should look like this once pushed through the hole you’ve cut:


Now take your eyelet tool(widely available at any craft or fabric store, or online), take the flatter small piece and lay it on a hard surface, ridged side up:


Lay the eyelet you’ve just pushed through your fabric right side down on the flat head. The eyelet should fit nicely in the ridge. Using the large part of your eyelet tool, place it ridge side down, letting it rest in between the prongs of the eyelet:



Using your hammer, hammer the top of the eyelet tool firmly, checking the prongs every 2,3 hits. It is important that you do not hit to hard and keep checking your work. If it is to hard it will distort the eyelets and ruin your project. If it is to loose the eyelets will fall out. I recommend practicing on a piece of scrap fabric first to get the hang of it. Eyelets are cheap; the small ones average $4.50 for 100.  Continue putting in your eyelets, spacing them evenly, not getting to close to the edge. When you are done, it should look like this:


The reason you should not go to close to the edge is because it is best to try and sew the edges of your pattern with embroidery thread for stronger reinforcement.I recommend using 3 strands of embroidery thread as it will prove to be longer lasting. Feel free to just use a regular straight stitch when sewing.

Now go out and enjoy this new fashion you’ve created! I am certain all your friends will be asking where you got this adorable up-cycled awesomeness, and you can proudly tell them it was  handmade by you!


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Easy Peasy Boho headband tutorial

Bohemian and hippie cohesively go together and have always been “in” where fashion is concerned. I love pairing a flowy and gauzy blouse with a pair of jeans, or a long cotton panel skirt with a leather belt resting on my hips. Bohemian/hippie clothing is so comfortable; no constricting waistbands or too tight tops, just free flowing fashion in its natural form. It is about being comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Today I am offering a super simple sewing tutorial where we will make a hippie/bohemian headband together. The greatest thing about these headbands is that you do not need any sewing skills and you can custom design them with any ribbon or lace that you like! These headbands are universal in that one size fits most, however you can design it to have a perfect fit to your head! These easily can be whipped up in 30 minutes. 

To start you will need the following sewing notions.


Feel free to use any ribbon, however I do not recommend satin unless you are experienced as it is a little slippery to work with. First you will need to measure the crown of your head with a tape measure, it should sit just above the brow bone, do not pull to tightly. You will want to cut your ribbon 1.5 inches inches less then your measurement. So for me, my measurement was 23.5, so i cut my ribbon at 22 inches.


Next it is time to cut your elastic at 4.5 inches( trust me it seems like a lot but we will be folding it to sew it)


Next take one end of your ribbon and fold it 1/2 inch in:


Next take that same edge and fold it in until it looks like the point of an arrow:


Now repeat on the other side, feel free to use a small amount of “fray check” if your ribbon is fraying:


Now it is time to sew! If you do not have a sewing machine, you can sew this by hand, however it will be stronger and longer lasting if machine sewn. Sew along the bottom of the arrow, back-stitching several times:


Repeat on other side. Now it is time to add the elastic! Beginning on any edge, take the elastic and fold it 1/2 inch under, placing the folded edge and lining it up to the bottom edge of the arrow:


Sew the elastic on, back-stitching several times. It should look like this when you are done:


Repeat on other side. You are done! Now go wear it in a variety of styles and make all of your friends jealous! See this style of headband as well as braided leather headbands, stretchy turban headbands and so much more in my etsy shop @ http://www.dramatiquedesigns.etsy.com