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The magic of spring is finally here

My magical spring line is finally here! I’ve worked hard on this line, and it embodies my vision of spring; bright colors, beautiful chaos, birds, fairies, bright suns and gentle moons, and so much more. This line is largely hand-stitched, hand embroidered, and carefully thought out. 

I tend to stray from traditional sizing since much of my offerings are upcycled. I do however strive to offer an array of sizes to fit all you beautiful women! I put full measurements on all of my listings to help you find the best and most honest fit. Below is a sampling of what I have to offer in my spring line; visiting my website by clicking here to see all of my beauties that I am so very proud of making!


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Spooky Treats and Ghoulish Delights

That frightful holiday is just around the corner, and I am sure you are still asking yourself ” WHAT AM I GOING TO BE?!?!” Well you still have time to put together a ghoulish get-up(eh, that was good, eh?) and make the children giggle with delight when you answer the door.

Image result for vintage halloween

But maybe you are having a rocking spooky party and you need some spooky treats to make your guests GASP in horror? Well I have a list of the best of easiest tastiest Halloween frights to make your guests howl with delight! With only a few ingredients , these tasty treats will be a definite crowd pleaser.

How can you not love these adorable looking bat treats?! Just don’t get the real thing anywhere near me….

*Find this easy DIY @ Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Bite-Sized Bat Treats. Only 4 ingredients are needed and the assembly takes mere minutes!:

Oh my Gosh golly I am dying of cuteness over this DIY, they are so ADORABLE! Plus, ya know MARSHMALLOWS, NOM.

*Find this adorable DIY @ My Baking Addiction 

Halloween Marshmallow Pops are the handheld treat you want at your Halloween party. They're simple and adorable! from @bakingaddiction:

CACKLE CACKLE! Hop upon my pretzel cheese broomstick! This delightful and easy DIY can be found @ Cook pad


I hope you have enjoyed these easy Halloween treat DIY’S , your kids will LOVE them! And adults too 😉

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Dramatique Erin

Gratitude makes the world go round

As entrepreneurs  it can be hard to find a positive balance of happiness, when we tend to worry so much about reaching financial success. I am here to tell you we need to reach emotional success first!

How can we reach emotional success, you ask? One simple action: Gratitude. ” Really, Erin I am going to reach success by practicing gratitude?!” YES!  And it is a lot easier than it sounds. We spend so much of our lives worry about what WON’T happen, What went WRONG with our day, WHY is everything so terrible, WHEN will it get better??? We must remove ourselves from this vicious circle of stinkin’ thinkin’.

When thoughts are twisted by negative emotions, stinking thinking is the result. In order for us to be successful in any are of our life we need to start practicing gratitude and give thanks to every single thing we do, say, think..that is right, all of it! There is so much to be grateful for in life, and by doing this we are changing our way of thinking, and bringing a positivety into our lives that nobody can get in the way of.  Now this is not to say that we do not have bad days, negative thoughts; nobody is perfect! But the difference is, now that you will be practicing gratitude you will easily be able to turn those negative thoughts into thoughts of gratefulness.

“How do I start practicing gratitude, Erin?”  I am so glad you asked me this, because I am here to help 🙂 Practicing gratitude is easy,and I like to start fresh when I first wake up. What is your first thought in the morning? I am sure it is something along the lines of ” Why do I have to wake up so early, this sucks”! I get it, I do not like to wake up early either. but I do love putting a smile on my face by  deciding how my day is going to play out. ” I can decide how my day is going to be, you ask”? YES! It is amazing to know that we control what we do. A simple” Today is going to be productive” or ” I feel great, and today is going to be great” can shape the whole rest of our day. 

Secondly,  is an exercise I challenge all of you to partake in; it is called : My Gratitude List.  This wonderful idea was found in an amazing book called ” The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne”  Use a spiral notebook, an I-pad, a laptop; whatever you prefer in order to note-take. take 15 minutes out of your day and find a quiet spot. Write down 10 things you are grateful for, and why you are grateful for them. After you have finished your list, slowly read through each one,  aloud or silently and say “thank you, thank you, thank you” after each one. Do this for 27 days, and watch you attitude in life change! These are just a few of the ways that you can change your attitude in life and start walking the road to positivety. I highly encourage everyone reading this to read “The Magic” and start learning how to practice gratitude. Remember, you have to want to make the change and it can be so so easy to invite thankfulness and gratitude into your life .

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Dramatique Erin

Upcycle Oregon-Support Local Artistry

Come see my “dragon girl” entry on the runway! I will be modeling it on the runway. It took me nearly 2 months to make, hand sewn recycled plastic guitar picks(nearly 2000), dragon horns made of foil and newspaper, a purse made of recycled starbucks cards, and so much more!

Fashion show starts at 3pm at the Oregon Convention Center in Salem, in the Santiam ballroom;but you can arrive as early as 10am to see people selling there up-cycled wares! Hope to see you there; it means a lot when people support local artists!


Spring sale with tons of goodies!

We are offering a nice little treat to our readers; a yummy spring sale @ www.dramatiquedesigns.com 

Spring sale!.png

Enjoy this treat, and be sure to check back often for new product!

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Dramatique Erin

How to be yourself in this great big world.

What is a prissy? Well the definition in the Webster’s Dictionary is : 

“Having or showing the annoying attitude of people who care too much about dressing and behaving properly and who are easily upset by other people’s behavior, language, etc.”

That makes me cringe a bit as it describes me to a certain extent, especially the “easily upset by other people’s behavior, language, etc.”. I’d like to see myself as a fairly open person; I don’t classify myself under any particular religion, I am open to all beliefs, I am a dreamer, actor, dancer, fashion designer, and I allow myself to freely express myself when it comes to these things; I encourage my kids to love who they want, and be who they want to be. I am am a free spirit in nearly every sense of the word.

But as much as I am a free spirit, I am a worrier; I question how people perceive me, what I say, and what I do. I have built myself up out of the rubble of a dark past and want to surround myself with positively. Perhaps a bit ignorant as life is just not that easy…or is it?

We spend so much of our lives it seems, editing ourselves for the pleasure of others, saying what they want to hear, for the mere sake of convenience; to be liked. To be “good enough”. What if for once we were just the version of ourselves that we dream of? That inner child that wants to escape and share with the world; why not set him/her free? Our true self is who we are without the labels and  judgments we have placed upon ourselves;it is who we are when we let go of all the baggage we hold. Our pure, true, and beautiful self’s.

Do you ever stop and think about the amount of negative thoughts that enter your mind on any given day? More than you think, and those thoughts dig down deep and stay until we give them permission to go away.We begin to think that these thoughts are our reality, based on our thinking patterns. It is time to change our way of thinking and feeling, and start accepting and embracing who we are. I am going to offer you some tips to get started; I have faith, you CAN do this!

1.)Become more aware of how you are starting each day. Take 5-10 minutes to reflect, be silent, and start your day off in a positive manner. You CAN do this! Embrace happiness.

2.)Follow your intuition. Don’t ignore what your intuition tells you to do; you know yourself better then anyone else, and allowing yourself to be authentic, real, and trust yourself will open up doors and windows you have never even dared to dream.

3.)Be authentic. Don’t hide who you are, don’t be afraid to share your true self with the world. Authenticity will gain you much more than you ever thought possible, plus it feels GREAT to share your talents, dreams, and hopes with the world. You deserve this, I have faith in you.

I hope I have inspired you to start opening your heart to the possibilities that away you. Never give up this is a great big world ;you just have to be willing to put one foot in front of the other.

-Be yourself ,Everyone else is taken-Oscar Wilde

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Make your holiday traditions count

I enjoy the holidays, but I think much like any other adult they can become stressful; gift buying, spending money, no time to cook the treats you always say you will cook,  wrapping gifts until the wee hours of the night on Christmas eve, prepping the house for family that is  ready to come in town, and so much more.  It seems like we cannot wrap around our head the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas has deep meaning for everyone in their own way; but I think we all could focus on giving. What can you do this year to give, and have your heart feel warm? What would bring you joy ?

This year, I have done several things with the help of my wonderful husband  and family to make this a special Christmas. As a designer, seamstress, artist(both on stage and on paper) I know that I am a creative person with many outlets to express myself. I decided making some of my gifts would be a good idea, which it was, but now with only a few days before Christmas , I am still making them, ha!

Make your ownGifts they said

Regardless of the length it is taking me , the late nights of crocheting and knitting until my fingers hurt, and sewing until my eyes cross is all worth it, you know why? Because it is the joy on the person’s face I want to see when they open their gift; THAT is what brings me true happiness in my heart. 

When we are young and innocent with the magic of Santa in our minds, the gifts that magically appear under the tree are what brings us Joy; so as we get older it is crucial that we practice compassion for others so we understand where true happiness comes from. So, reach deep within yourself this holiday season and find the true meaning of this holiday season. There is no wrong answer, just be sure you are giving with a whole heart.

Happy holidays my beautiful fans, I hope your Christmas is special and warm:)