The magic of spring is nearly here

My amazing spring line is nearly here; only 2 more days before the big reveal. The thing about handmade is that it truly integrates the happiness and the tears that is takes to create a line. It embodies the creativity that we hope to integrate into our handmade pieces.


This spring line that I am preparing to unveil features so much beauty and color. It features joy, magic, and so much more. I cannot wait to share this whimsical line with you and all the joy that went into creating it. Below is a sneak preview of one of my handmade jackets; be sure to follow me on Facebook for the full reveal throughout the day, and visit my website to purchase!

Also, if you sign up for  my VIP list there are lots of treats and discounts to be had in my monthly newsletter I send out! 


*A sneak peek at our ” Victoriana in India” jacket*


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xoxo-Dramatique Erin


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