Holiday drinks for warmth and happiness

MMM. Snow, cozy sweaters, heaters, blankets, hats, gloves, and yummy for the tummy drinks. I sure do love winter…. except it is still fall for a few more days but feels SO winter! 

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I am pretty sure my favorite part of the cold weather is drinking hot and cozy drinks; there are so many to choose from , yet that makes it easy to rotate them for yummy goodness all the cold season long!

I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes for hot drinks. They are simple, only take a few ingredients, and who DOESN’T  enjoy homemade over store bought?? It is also very fun to have friends over for a holiday/winter shindig and make a huge batch of your favorite holiday drink for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy, and be sure to comment on which one you decided to make!

Oh so yummy, is this homemade cocoa; and who DOESN’T like whipped cream? More please! Find this recipe on Wicked Good Kitchen.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix – World’s Best ~ The perfect Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix! Makes exceptional rich and creamy classic “real deal” hot cocoa that can be customized with our many variations. Includes Top 10 Secrets to Make the Very Best Cup of Hot Cocoa. Kids and adults will love this recipe! | diy hot chocolate drink recipe

Did someone say hot toddy? Bourbon apple hot toddy? oh yes! Great as an adult beverage, great for colds, or leave out the bourbon for a kids drink! Find this recipe here at the Food network.

Bourbon Apple Hot Toddy : Nutmeg-laced apple cider forms the base of this warming sipper. Prefer to leave out the bourbon? That works; Bobby notes that it's optional.:

I LOVE apple pie, and I love this recipe even more! Drinking my apple pie? Why OF COURSE! Sorry. Talking in caps is FUN. Ok, no go off and make your cider here at Martha Stewart’s site.

Apple-Pie Spiced Cider - Martha Stewart Recipes:

Non -Alcoholic Apple spice sangria! There I go wit the apple recipes again! This is a great beverage for a party with kids in tow, and your guests will be BEGGING for the recipes; find it here at cook with manali.

Non Alcoholic Apple Cider Sangria - Cook With Manali:

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Dramatique Erin

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