Weekly Rant

Parenting. IT’S HARD! The older they get, the more freedom the want, and the less rules are understood. I love the rush though and LOVE my kids! 

Here is my gripe;parents who punish too much and don’t vocally tell there kids how much they love them! I see it in the grocery store, in line at the bank, at restaurants; tired and burnt out parents yelling at their kids. Look, we only get ONE chance to raise them right. Sure, we all have bad days, and kids CAN act out  a LOT! But for everytime you punish them, please follow it up with a look into their eyes and a ” you know I love you, right”. THIS is what kids WILL remember late into adulthood. Not the punishments, the grounding, the scraped knees….but the fact that you told them you loved them EVERY day. Do it!

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Dramatique Erin


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