Take a stand, make a change

Did you know that Over 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enter this country’s waste stream each year? Dumping PVC in a landfill takes up precious land and squanders a valuable resource.PVC can be very difficult to recycle, and contains harmful ingredients like chlorine. Fortunately, company’s like “Earthworks ” are now offering ways for retailers and manufactures to recycle their cards. According to Earthworks ” we have developed a system in which scrap polymeric material is recovered from consumers and retailers, reground into recycled scrap polymeric particles, and then recycled into a section of polymeric sheet material which is then distributed for use manufacturing new plastic cards”.

Why just PVC, you ask? Well, there is much more than PVC destroying and filling our landfills, but the focus remains upon this subject as I, Erin Bass, Fashion Designer extraordinaire am entering the “Upcycled Oregon ” contest where one must create a piece of runway fashion that is a minimum of 75% recyclable.  I have an amazing design with PVC material  and paper planned and cannot wait to share it  here with my readers, so keep checking back, and be sure to subscribe so you get daily notifications!


Remember, recycling is not something to be ignored or joked about. As our landfills overflow, there will come a day they cannot handle anymore and we cannot control the flow. Start caring and make a change now.

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Dramatique Erin


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