How to be yourself in this great big world.

What is a prissy? Well the definition in the Webster’s Dictionary is : 

“Having or showing the annoying attitude of people who care too much about dressing and behaving properly and who are easily upset by other people’s behavior, language, etc.”

That makes me cringe a bit as it describes me to a certain extent, especially the “easily upset by other people’s behavior, language, etc.”. I’d like to see myself as a fairly open person; I don’t classify myself under any particular religion, I am open to all beliefs, I am a dreamer, actor, dancer, fashion designer, and I allow myself to freely express myself when it comes to these things; I encourage my kids to love who they want, and be who they want to be. I am am a free spirit in nearly every sense of the word.

But as much as I am a free spirit, I am a worrier; I question how people perceive me, what I say, and what I do. I have built myself up out of the rubble of a dark past and want to surround myself with positively. Perhaps a bit ignorant as life is just not that easy…or is it?

We spend so much of our lives it seems, editing ourselves for the pleasure of others, saying what they want to hear, for the mere sake of convenience; to be liked. To be “good enough”. What if for once we were just the version of ourselves that we dream of? That inner child that wants to escape and share with the world; why not set him/her free? Our true self is who we are without the labels and  judgments we have placed upon ourselves;it is who we are when we let go of all the baggage we hold. Our pure, true, and beautiful self’s.

Do you ever stop and think about the amount of negative thoughts that enter your mind on any given day? More than you think, and those thoughts dig down deep and stay until we give them permission to go away.We begin to think that these thoughts are our reality, based on our thinking patterns. It is time to change our way of thinking and feeling, and start accepting and embracing who we are. I am going to offer you some tips to get started; I have faith, you CAN do this!

1.)Become more aware of how you are starting each day. Take 5-10 minutes to reflect, be silent, and start your day off in a positive manner. You CAN do this! Embrace happiness.

2.)Follow your intuition. Don’t ignore what your intuition tells you to do; you know yourself better then anyone else, and allowing yourself to be authentic, real, and trust yourself will open up doors and windows you have never even dared to dream.

3.)Be authentic. Don’t hide who you are, don’t be afraid to share your true self with the world. Authenticity will gain you much more than you ever thought possible, plus it feels GREAT to share your talents, dreams, and hopes with the world. You deserve this, I have faith in you.

I hope I have inspired you to start opening your heart to the possibilities that away you. Never give up this is a great big world ;you just have to be willing to put one foot in front of the other.

-Be yourself ,Everyone else is taken-Oscar Wilde

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                                                                    XOXO Fans,

                                                                    Dramatic Erin


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