Make your holiday traditions count

I enjoy the holidays, but I think much like any other adult they can become stressful; gift buying, spending money, no time to cook the treats you always say you will cook,  wrapping gifts until the wee hours of the night on Christmas eve, prepping the house for family that is  ready to come in town, and so much more.  It seems like we cannot wrap around our head the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas has deep meaning for everyone in their own way; but I think we all could focus on giving. What can you do this year to give, and have your heart feel warm? What would bring you joy ?

This year, I have done several things with the help of my wonderful husband  and family to make this a special Christmas. As a designer, seamstress, artist(both on stage and on paper) I know that I am a creative person with many outlets to express myself. I decided making some of my gifts would be a good idea, which it was, but now with only a few days before Christmas , I am still making them, ha!

Make your ownGifts they said

Regardless of the length it is taking me , the late nights of crocheting and knitting until my fingers hurt, and sewing until my eyes cross is all worth it, you know why? Because it is the joy on the person’s face I want to see when they open their gift; THAT is what brings me true happiness in my heart. 

When we are young and innocent with the magic of Santa in our minds, the gifts that magically appear under the tree are what brings us Joy; so as we get older it is crucial that we practice compassion for others so we understand where true happiness comes from. So, reach deep within yourself this holiday season and find the true meaning of this holiday season. There is no wrong answer, just be sure you are giving with a whole heart.

Happy holidays my beautiful fans, I hope your Christmas is special and warm:)


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