Last minute adult DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you STILL unsure of what to be for Halloween? Well, calm down because below are the easiest ideas you have ever heard of! With items you can find in your home, or at the local thrift shop or craft shop , you will be well on your way to winning a costume contest. Ok….Maybe we won’t  go THAT far, but you will still get some compliments on your creativity.

1.) A Human leaf blower- Grab an old hat, a bit  strong thread, and a  few faux leaf(easily get a few of these at your  local craft store. You do not need crafty sewing skills as you can easily put a dab of super glue to stick these on.

*Photo credit*

2.) Cereal Killer- Ok, it is a bit of an oldie, but still a goody. Buy some small, or one large cereal box. Wear a plain color shirt(I think white is best as it will show off all the fake blood). Use duct tape so the boxes will stick, and use plastic picnic knives to poke through the box(es). Sprinkle some fake blood all over you(easily obtainable at the Halloween store) and wala; you  have one killer look!

*Photo credit*

3.) Error 404 costume- Ok , everyone has visited an internet page and received this nasty error, right? Well not you CAN be the error! Find a white, or light color tshirt you no longer want, write ” Error 404, Costume not found” on the front and you are set. Bet sure to act a little devious and play the part; you ARE an error after all 😉

Error 404 Page

*Photo credit  Reddit user zjbird via Imgur*

4.) Facebook- Ok, this seriously has to be the easiest costume EVER. It will take you literally minutes to throw an outfit on, Take some facepaint and write”book” across your face. Wala! You are one of the most creative costumes at the party!


*Photo credit-Instagram user alex.0318*

5.) Pugsy and Wednesday Addams-Ok, this is a seriously fun and creative couple costume! Dress up with your best gal friend or your hubby, boyfriend, brother, etc!  Go shopping in your closet or at the local thrift shop and find similar outfits to  reflect these iconic characters. Be sure to act the part, that is half the fun!



There are many more ideas out there, but I hope these ones help you get creative; it isn’t to late to become someone else for one night!

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                                                                    XOXO Fans,

                                                                    Dramatic Erin


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