See what’s NEW at Dramatique Designs

It is officially October and just barely into fall. It is time for hot cocoa, sweaters, and jumping in the leaves! Dramatique Designs has tons of new fall accessories and clothing to add to your wardrobe. We specialize in up-cycling new from old and we love using sweaters to make brand new, funky, upcycled wear.

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Dramatique Designs offers 100% handmade clothing and accessories. We are passionate about up-cycling and have an array of styles and colors to make you feel beautiful and special. We use unique fabrics, and creative patterns so YOU have something special, and one of a kind. So go on, start shopping and open the exotic world of Dramatique Designs.

Dramatique Designs was built on the on the passion and belief that safeguarding the earth by up-cycling is unique, different, and helps reduse our carbon footprint on the earth and make YOU, our customer feel special and amazing.

Our clothing clothing is often made with recycled jeans,sweater,tops,skirts, buttons, and other reusable materials. It is a challenge for us is to be creative when we see a new life in an old item.

Every item in our shop is handmade and not mass produced. You are truly getting a one- of -a-kind piece. We strive to make sure that each piece is made with great attention to detail, finishing, design, and much creativity and vibrancy.Designer ,Erin Bass is a self taught fashion designer and seamstress that hails from Portland , OR. All designs are 100% handmade by Erin in her Portland studio.


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