Become what you know you can be

Many amazing women entrepreneurs I know have recently been getting down on themselves, and I am here to tell them they matter. Yes, this post is about women, not men. I am taking a stand for all the amazing girl bosses out there and I am telling them that they matter, they ARE successful, and they WILL  reach their end goal.

Let’s debunk some myths about at home businesses, and let’s let them go…forever:

*”Gosh, it must be great to be a stay at home mom and craft!”

It’s hard for any woman to achieve a perfect balance, regardless of her profession.Being a mom entrepreneur is a HUGE challenge, but moms work hard to separate their career from their mom duties and it is not easy.  We are fearless female entrepreneurs who balance our work with our parenting. We do not craft, we create amazing handmade pieces , all while marketing and balancing our web presence. 

“Working at home must be so relaxing”

I am sure visions of working in pajamas, and spending more time with family are dancing in your head , but when the line between home and work gets blurred, things can get a little complicated. It is very difficult to create  structure for your day and keep work and personal life separate. Working at home can have it’s benefits, but keep in mind how hard we work; regardless of what building we work in.

“That’s great that your husband let’s you work from home!”

Ok let’s debunk this one REAL fast. We are independent, STRONG women; and we ask for support as a team, 2 friends and a loving couple should have. Let’s stray away from the old adage that woman are owned or controlled, that is not ok. We make our own decisions with the support of our best friend and partner. The end.

These are just a few of the myths out there that need to be debunked. Success is only what you decide and make of it, ladies. Regardless of age, background, etc; women have proven time and time again that being a successful woman entrepreneur is possible.

Everything starts with an idea, and it is up to you to put that idea in motion.And never, never be afraid of failure. By fearing or future-scoping, you are setting failure in motion.You will make mistakes, and you will make it work. 

Be you. Be the amazing female entrepreneur I know you can be. Be confident, focus on you, and forge ahead. You can DO THIS!

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                                                                    XOXO Fans,

                                                                    Dramatic Erin


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