DIY Project Sharing- Get Patriotic

I really used to detest Forth of July; it meant spending money to blow stuff up, or drive to an overcrowded field to watch things being blown up and spending hours waiting for it to happen, while freezing(hey, it gets COLD in Oregon!)

Well, now it is growing on me like a positive fungus. yay! My husband’s birthday is July 5th, so he has always enjoyed celebrating the fourth. And my step-kids love blowing things up; I mean what kid doesn’t? I am still a bit of a scrooge when it comes to spending a lot of money on fireworks, but I am starting to enjoy the BBQ’s, the red, white and blue everywhere, and watching the pretty spark-lies in the sky.

Well, I found a wonderful tutorial video on making your very own patriotic shorts!  This tutorial is brought to you by “Mountain Girl Clothing” and you can find their tutorial here:


You will need :

Jean shorts

Duct Tape

red and blue spray paint

stars cut out from cardboard

lace, ribbon or any bits to sew on after 

Here are some easy to follow written  instructions :

Grab a pair of denim shorts you are ready to decorate. Put duct tape everywhere you DON’T want to be spray painted. Then tape horizontal strips on one side of your short(the red spray paint will be sprayed in between the tape strips to create lines ). Tape stars on other side of  your shorts , spray blue all over; when you  remove the stars, they will show up on your shorts. Allow to dry for one hour. Then sew on any fun bits of lace to spruce up your shorts, or if needles and your hands are not 2 things that mesh well,  just leave the way they are!

Have fun, and be sure to watch “Mountain Girl Clothing’s ” video; I ADORE their style!

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                                                                    XOXO Fans,

                                                                   Dramatic Erin


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