Monthly Style Guide – Maxi dress fever

Happy June 1st! The weather in my part of the world(Oregon) is certainly cooperating ; it has been in the 80’s !

Of course is it raining today, but that is why Oregonians are so adventurous; we deal with the rain, and relish the sun! Since I know the sun will continue to come out of hiding, I have been thinking of warm weather wear.

I have been trying to wear more dresses as of lately. Becoming more comfortable with my body, and relishing my womanly shape is vital. I think as women we need feel comfortable in our own skin, and glow at how beautiful we truly are.

I have always loved maxi dresses. They are flowing, beautiful, and have a sense of elegance to them. They truly make me feel girly, and I enjoy showing off my body in them! Maxi dresses, to me, are not a staple that will ever go out of style. They have been popular since the 1960’s.

***find this super  cute vintage maxi dress @***

Maxi dresses truly have it all comfortable, elegant, and stylish. Need a beach cover-up? Wear a maxi dress! Going on a casual date? Wear a maxi dress!! Going to a work function but don’t want to wear an uncomfortable suit? Wear a maxi dress with a chic blazer! maxi! maxi! maxi! Ok, I am calm I swear, I just got a teensy overly excited:)

Adore County Dress in Red Stripes

***This amazing maxi dress is made in the USA and can be found at***

Whatever color, fabric combo you choose, maxi dresses are an effortless choice for the summer. Pair your fabulous dress with a pair of wedges, or stylish flip flops and you are ready to rock this summer like never before!

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                                                                    XOXO Fans,

                                                                   Dramatic Erin


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