Proud winner of Up-cycled Oregon fashion show!

I LOVE creating. Not just for my business, but for me. It soothes my heart, and gives me goosebumps to be able to create a picture in my mind into something tangible and labor intensive. It is amazing to be able to say” Erin, YOU created that!”

Well, several weeks ago I was invited to participate in “Up-cycled Oregon” in a fashion show engineered by DIY Studio.The idea was to create a wearable work of art that was 75% recyclable. I created the amazing sweater coat you see below. Made from damaged/used sweaters, clasps, and trims(all used) I meticulously pieced together the panels, bodice and hood to create this amazing “Traveling Magician’s Gypsy Coat”. The fashion show, along with an amazing up-cycled art exhibit took place at the “State Capital” in Salem, Or.


*Photos property of Erin Bass (c)2015*

Well, I am proud to announce, my gorgeous coat won the runner up award! There were so many talented designers there of all ages, I feel really honored to have my work presented along side theirs 🙂 It is just a testament to the fact that if you work hard, and continue to stay passionate about what you do….your hard work will pay off.


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