Etsy sellers-Here is how to FINALLY get your listings to the top!

I have been selling on Etsy for 3 years now, and also have my own personal website platform I sell my wares on. I have had my items in fashion shows, sold at craft fairs and consider myself a successful entrepreneur/Designer/Seamstress.

It was not easy to get where I am today, and I still believe I have much to learn. You can never ingest to much information about helping yourself be successful. I have taken free classes, webinars, asked for critiques on my shops, which weren’t always nice; but I have found that those who willingly accept criticism are truly the ones who are interested in self improvement. 

Etsy, in all honesty, has been a struggle for me. I didn’t have a lick of knowledge about SEO before starting my business, but know it was crucial to understand and know how “Search Engine Optimization” works ,in order to gain a lead on being at the top of search engines.However, Etsy’s algorithm was truly mind boggling to me; how the heck was MY LISTING supposed to be found in the mix of ALL the hundreds of thousands selling on Etsy??? Without showing up in consumer searches, I was doomed to fail unless people heard about me through word of mouth.

I began playing around with my titles and keywords and  trying to think; how would my target market search my product?  I poured over videos on YouTube, articles on the web, and the forums of Etsy.  I threw pencils, and spouted Shakespeare sonnets in an angry tone to make myself feel better when I wasn’t getting anywhere(HEY, I am a theater actress!).

While much of the advice seemed to vary, the one piece of advice everyone seemed to have was : use all 13 tags(or keywords) to optimize how your customers search.But no matter how I changed my tags…nothing. I was not in ANY listings, for any of my items. It was extremely frustrating. Then…..came the light-bulb.Now the info I am about to divulge will truly help you to start getting to the top of the listing categories your product is in. At first, I really did not want to share this information, I wanted it all to myself! My precious! But for realsies, how could I NOT support my community and share my success with everyone else?? So, I am going to share how I found the secret to getting to the top of Etsy searches.

I came upon this secret fairly randomly, after playing around with my titles. I have heard all over the Etsy forums, and in articles online, there is  a divide on if it is important to use all 180 characters available to Etsy sellers, or if it didn’t matter at all. Well, I am here to tell you it is CRUCIAL. After listing a headband one day, I went on my handy Etsy relevancy tool( Don’t worry I will share this too!) and typed in my shop name and one of my headband keywords to see if my item was showing up in listings….OMG, IT WAS! AND it was on the second page! How…..where….what…..I was discombobulated, and befuddled. How did this happen? What did I do? Well after staring at my listing till my poor eyes hurt, I noticed something; some of my title listing words, were also in my keywords. Was it possible that the secret was to match your title listing words to your keywords? Well only one way to find out!

I spent the next full day researching top keywords in regards to what I sell on Etsy. I made a million post it notes, I sang “The Final Countdown” at the top of my lungs to ease my tired mind and keep me going, and I used ALL the characters available in my title. I separated each keyword with a comma (punctuation will NOT effect your listings) and made sure everything that was in my title appeared as one of my tags(keywords), and it was typed out EXACTLY as my phrases in my title were. For example , you list a headband and it says”Lace headband, womens headband, cute headband, stretchy headband and so forth in my title, than each phrase must appear in my tags as well.It needed to appear EXACTLY(yes I say this word a lot! sheesh!) as it was in my title; not the order mind you, but the verbiage. Example:  I waited several days, and used my handy relevancy tool to look at my items, and some of the keyword I was using in my tags AND titles. I was SHOCKED. At least 5-8 listing per category were showing up in the top 20 pages of Etsy! I found the secret! The title phrases must appear like the tags. So lets go over this one more time

  1. Use ALL characters in your titles. Punctuation like comma’s, hyphens, do not matter, what matters is grammar. And be sure that whatever phrases you use IN your title you can fit in you keyword space(20 characters are allowed). Example: If you say “pompom hat” in your title, your keyword MUST say the exact same thing, ” pompom hat”. You will have extra keyword you can add, be sure to use all 13  of them. But save the most searched ones for your title.
  2. Use all 13 keyword!
  3. Research listings on Etsy to find the most popular tag phrases in the category you are selling. Look at peoples listings,see what some of the top listings are and check out their tags!

Now that you are successfully posting, let’s discuss some great tools on the web you can use. But first let me discuss my “20 page rule” Generally, when consumers are searching product on a site, they are NOT going to continue in said category for more than a 20 page search. In fact, typically consumers will stop at 5-10 pages, but 20 is usually the maximum. That’s why you NEED your product to be in the first 20 pages of Etsy, otherwise your fabulous item will get lost in the black hole!

After you have changed your keywords and titles, and waited at least 24-48 hours, type in the name of your shop, one of the exact tags you are using, and choose 20 pages(to see if you are in the first 20 pages). Not only will this tool tell you if you are or are not showing up, and which item, but it will tell you the top 20 sellers(in terms of relevancy) and the tags they using. This tool is priceless. I mean, OMG! Ok, calm down Erin, too much excitement will hurt your brain….. Here is the link to this amazing tool :


This is only the START of all the helpful information I have to help you be successful on the web. What, did you think I would release ALL my secrets in one post? Are you cray-cray?

I have a world of info for you, and on my next post I will discuss how to get found on the big search engines like Google…ooooo….ahhhhhh. I would also like to give a plug to my domain host ” Siteground” .They are the BEST to work with as far as domain and hosting! My pages load ultra fast, and they are there for you 24/7 online or on the phone to help! Seriously if you need domain and host service, Puh-lease use them! And use my handy referral link please:


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                                                                   Dramatic Erin


14 thoughts on “Etsy sellers-Here is how to FINALLY get your listings to the top!

  1. Wow
    Thanks a million for this important info.
    I hope I can do this

    Do you think I need my own website?


    1. Gladys, Having your own site outside of Etsy is entirely a personal choice and depends on your goals as a thriving entrepreneur. I work full time with 2 Etsy shops, and really feel it is important in building my brand to have my own website, and eventually solely sell on their. Etsy is wonderful, however it IS only a storefront for me to showcase my products. I dream of bigger things, so for me personally I started my own website for that reason. However, if you sell part time, or have another job and do this on the side, Etsy is fabulous on it’s own. Focus on your tags, titles and SEO and you will get noticed in no time! I believe in you, so be sure to let me know if you have any questions, ok? Have a wonderful day and happy sales!

      1. I have send a pm. What is SEO? I have tried everything you have said. I think I might doing something wrong. I cannot see my shop anywhere! My shop is MaggiesFlyingShop. Is it necessary to wait 48 hours? Why?

      2. Hello
        Thank you for sharing your insight
        I will use your post as a reference.

        Thank you

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