The very best in accessories are in my shop!

I use hair ties a LOT, as I am sure most girls/women do, provided that they have enough hair to pull back. From working out, to a casual ” I didn’t wash my hair today”, they are an essential part of our daily  accessory “wardrobe”. However, I am always annoyed when hair ties break so easily, and worst of all leave that annoying dent in my hair, if i want to take my ponytail out!

Well, I have introduced some wonderful new elastic hair ties in my shop.

These soft, elastic hair bands are essential because they don’t snag, dent or damage your hair. You’ll love wearing these trendy bands as bracelets as well. Mix, match and stack to make a fashion statement in your hair or on your wrist. Try them for your next workout! They’re a must for Yoga and Pilates because they’re so soft!

These cute hair bands feature a small bow, and are great for all ages. Kids will adore these elastic hair bands.

Each elastic band is made from soft stretchy elastic fabric and hand tied. I offer “bow style” as well. Plus, these are a great deal @ $6.25 for a set of 4.


Find these super cute bands by visiting my shop @ OR on my personal website @  I ship in US and Internationally, and these cuties will ship within 24 hours! I also offer custom order as well.

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XOXO Fans,

Dramatic Erin


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