Monthly Style Guide – Wearing old into new

I LOVE up-cycling. It represents who I am as a human being, and as a designer. It used to be that clothes were only tossed once they were completely and totally worn beyond belief; some clothing even being turned into wash rags.Not any more! Now with the low cost of manufacturing,and clothing chains that restock weekly,clothing has become consumption goods and are contributing more than ever to our landfill problems.

I know what your thinking my little munchkins ” Um, hello, this is supposed to be a style guide, where is my style advice?” Calm down, buttercup I am getting there!

I understand, not everybody is a seamstress, or is crafty enough, OR has enough patience to make there own clothing, and that is ok.You can purchase from one of the many talented designers and seamstresses that specialize in up-cycled creations( AHEM , right here!Shameless plug), or you can shop at a fabulous thrift or vintage shop and put your own creations together.Up-cycling is about creating what is unique to you by turning something old into something new AND you! Fashion does not only have to be about what is new and trendy; create a style that is YOU.


*This Sweater coat was made from used sweaters and other used materials. made by Erin Bass of*

Maybe your balling your hands into fists right now and jumping up and down in a fury saying ” OMG Erin, I DO recycle, I am the perfect recycler!”

 But what about pre-consumer waste? Bet you didn’t think of that! BAM! Ok, for realsies I am NOT gloating….

Pre-consumer “waste” is the excess material thrown away by factory workers. Often that material is perfectly usable, and upcycling aims to put a use to this material. In fact, did you know that the typical garment factory throws away 60,000 pounds of perfectly usable material every week?This material is unusable to the factories for various reasons, but extremely usable to the rest of us that can convert this excess material into amazing up-cycled garments that the factories are turning into waste.

I am only one person, and can only make a small difference, but every bit counts. So when you buy, please consider buying either handmade or up-cycled items. Support small businesses like my own that care about making a difference to our beautiful earth. 

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XOXO Fans,

Dramatic Erin

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