Interview with business phenomenon Renae Christine

There are thousands of articles and videos out there on how to run a successful business, and it is hard to decide which one is the best for you. Some want to charge you an arm and a leg for their” priceless advice”(HEY I NEED my arm and leg thank you very much!), and some are novice business owners just wanting to share with you what has worked well for them.

Well in all my tireless searching for the golden piece of advice, I happened upon a phenomenal ,funny, intelligent, amazing business guru names ‘Renae Christine’.  She granted me the awesome-sauce opportunity to interview her and get some golden advice on business, and get a peek into her past and how she got started on her way to business stardom!

Continue below for the interview.


*Excerpt from Renae’s Website:*

“With kids in tow, Renae Christine built a six figure stationery company from home and is now teaching others how to do the same.

Christine has helped tens of thousands of other business owners build their businesses through her personal trainings via the Rich Mom University and

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible,  and is currently a speaker in demand.”

Renae is kind of like the ring from “Lord of the Rings” She is my preciousssss, and I do not want to share her! But not in a creepy way, I promise! Her advice is so sound, it resonates with me in an amazing way. She has taught me to believe in myself, and how to properly build a business from the ground up. So without further adieu, let’s get this party started! Be sure to visit Renae’s website(link above) and subscribe to her YouTube channel for many videos on business how to’s, do’s and don’ts, how to market your business, and so much more @

Question 1:)

Tell us about your childhood: Where did you grow up? What was your family life like?

Wow. I must say this question throws me off a bit. I’ve never been asked this question when interviewed. I grew up mostly between Montana and Utah. My family moved around so much that I don’t even remember entire houses, just rooms in different houses. I grew up Mormon so I was quite sheltered. I only recently left the church and ventured out into the real world. People are shocked when I tell them I had my first coffee when I turned 31 and my first drink then too. I took to the coffee rather quickly. Everything looks greener when you’re on caffeine! Mothering is so much easier! I didn’t take to alcohol very well though. Can’t get used to the stuff. I still think fondly of some Mormon aspects but I just couldn’t continue in the religion when I didn’t believe in it.


Question 2.):

When do you recall first knowing that you were destined for the running your own business?

When I was 8 years old I had a “garbage stand” instead of a lemonade stand. I heard my Mom say in front of the tv one day “Oh! People always buy such garbage!” So I put out a stand and sold crinkled up bags of newspaper. I made so much money! Men stopped on their way home from work and asked what I was selling. They didn’t believe it and knew their wives wouldn’t believe it. So they all bought a bag for proof to show their wives! That was the start of my entrepreneur-isms. I’ve had many many many other little businesses since then.


Question 3.):

What are some bad habits that you’ve seen small business owners  develop? How about good habits?

Oh man. Now I’ve gotta be all controversial. This will open a can of worms. I hate to say it, but a lot of times cynicism gets in the way of learning for small business owners. People get so closed up because they are scared of scams and it makes it impossible for them to learn anything from anyone. I sometimes give advice to Besties that I have had others pay me $3,000 to tell them, but because the advice was free they fluff it off and move onto a 5-point blog post that won’t get them anywhere. It’s shocking. Good habits? The best businesses with the best habits stay AWAY from Facebook. Their business plan is on their own site with their own email list and AWAY from Facebook. I don’t know what it is about that site. It’s so addicting to try to game and win sales from but it’s like putting money into slot machines. The house always wins people! Don’t get me wrong, some businesses belong on Facebook, but it should be the LAST piece of your marketing campaign and not your first.


Question 4.):

As a humorous writer/actor I appreciate your unique and funny approach to business advice on YouTube. What made you take this approach to business?

Lol. It’s so funny you say this because when I first started I tried my durndest to be like Marie Forleo. I tried to imitate her exactly but no matter how hard I tried, I kept failing miserably. Not only that, but Besties started commenting on the fails. They didn’t know I was trying to be Marie Forleo. They just kept saying “You’re funny!” “You’re so funny!” And I got so frustrated. I would yell at my computer “I’m trying to be serious!” Then I realized I wasn’t being my natural self which is to trip over my shoelaces and be all awkward. So I embraced my awkwardness and peanuts voice and that’s when I became bigger than I could imagine.


Question 5.) :

You offer a lot of business tips, and give away a lot of “secrets” to running a business, freebies and more. Why give away so much useful information? How does that help your business?

A wise wise business man once told me, ‘have you ever NOT seen a movie because the trailer was free?’ Never. The better the trailer, the better the movie right? Well –unless it’s a kids movie where EVERY joke is in the trailer. But as a whole, –give EVERYTHING and people will know that the rest is just as delicious. Besides, I’m addicted to pleasing my Besties. They send me things like their products and wall art and cards and chocolates and thank you cards. They are my family. You DO for family right? I know people think I’m so WEIRD to mix business with family but I’m closer to my Besties than I am with many members of my own family.


Question 6.) :

What are your top 3 tips for someone wanting to start  their OWN online business?

Do 10 jumping jacks, then run around in a circle, let out 3 woop woops then sit your butt down on the computer and decide what you want to sell! It’s hard work but it’s doable. Just make sure you follow TRUST-ABLE business coaches who’ve been there and who have PROVEN strategies. Watch out for the cloud in the sky strategies. Then you’re golden. Think of it as starting a 4-year college degree. How much work would you put in? It’s the same with a business. Most don’t want to put in the work for a risk situation, but if you KNEW you would make a 6-figure income at the end of that 4 years would you do it? Because it’s not just possible it’s PROBABLE. 4 years. Start the jumping jacks.


Question 7.):

Entertain us by telling us the first thing that pops into your mind? example for me it is: Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer?”

“When are my birthday chocolates going to arrive?” Sorry. It’s my birthday coming up and this is the very FIRST year I bought myself chocolates to celebrate the occasion. I ordered the mini-nosh set from <– My all time favorite chocolate shop. Visit and you’ll see why! There chocolates are just as delicious as their branding.


Question 8.): Addition by Renae.

This is a special message just for the single moms just because I was there. It hurts. And I know that all the joking around is NOT funny when your sink is broken and you don’t have a man to fix it and you have 2 kids hanging off you, it’s dinner time and oh! Start a business now!

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XOXO Fans,

Dramatic Erin


4 thoughts on “Interview with business phenomenon Renae Christine

  1. That was a great interview. The last part really got to me. I’m a single mom with two kids. I don’t have my own home or my own car, but I’m building my own business and I don’t care how crazy that sounds. I’m determined to be successful, no matter how hard I have to work for it.

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