What not to wear, what to wear, who cares?

I am sure you read this title thinking: Ok, great what do I need to get rid of in my closet? Well, I misled you! HA! I do that a lot, but I SWEAR it is for your own good!

Look, the truth is I DETEST the show” What Not To Wear” . Whoever had the balls to create a show telling people they look crappy in their clothing and they should conform, and spend mass amounts of money to dress like an even bigger idiot, well…Ya gots balls!

I will admit, sometimes you see beautiful people hiding in swimming clothing, or wearing skirts so short it should be considered criminal; but that to me is only an unfortunate situation when it is a young child or teen. Case in point parents: Don’t let your teen leave in a skirt so short you can see…..stuff. That aside though, it is a personal choice how we represent ourselves, and to be told we look frumpy, bad, chunky, or whatever negative word that describes us to these”Professional dressers”  is to me, terrible.

The worst part of these shows, is these expensive pieces of clothing they outfit their subjects in, are of COURSE being paid for, but then they are expecting us to be able to afford and budget that into our daily lives. Also, who REALLY dresses like that on a daily basis? I love a dress as much as the next girl, but I mostly love being eclectic and comfortable, and the only person I am out to impress? Me. And I am pretty darn impressed with my awesomesauce self.

So to tie up this mini blog post: DO whatever the heck you want! You want to wear your ancient Aerosmith t-shirt, and hounds-tooth pants? DO IT! And rock it girlfriend! Or…boyfriend! Do not conform to what the world says you should wear, be you, and be awesome at it!

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