Monthly Style Guide – What to wear, and not to wear on that first date

OOOOO, you have a date? Congrats girlfriend….and man….friend.No, but seriously, this applies to women AND men! I always write about style for women, but obviously dudes matter too!


Ok, so it is your first date and you both are super nervous right? I know in the past when I dated(like a cobwebs age ago) what to wear would always grate on my nerves. I mean after all, you ARE sort of being judged off your style. Oh c’mon, I KNOW what you’re thinking ” Erin, he/she likes me for my mind”! C’mon, the mind will come later if they are worthy and lucky enough to make a comfy place in your life; until then, THE CLOTHING MATTERS!


So, obviously what to wear depends highly on where you are going on your date! You don’t want to wear shorts  to that fancy fish restaurant you are going too. Actually, don’t wear shorts on a date. EVER. No really, please. I also think it is super important to show some class, even if the date is casual. Ladies: Please do not dig out that super short skirt that you have to be yanking down past your hoo ha. Yes, I went there, I said that word. Don’t judge me!  Have some class. And dudes, please don’t wear a muscle tank top on a date. Your date doesn’t want to see that much on a first date, plus it just looks super tacky. Save it for the bedroom.

“OMG, Erin you haven’t told me what to wear yet!” Ok, ok sheesh! Ladies, here are tips for what to wear on your first date:

1.) Stick with darker colors, no white. Spillage of food could happen!

2.) Go for comfort: long bohemian skirts, legging with a cute jersey skirt over it, low heel boots, peasant tops, etc. I mean, you could be going on a roller coaster! Plus if you eat to much you won’t have to worry about unbuttoning the top of your jeans, duh.

3.) Tiny studs , or small earrings. You don’t need to go to the ER when you rip your giant hoop out of your ear. Common sense ladies!

4.)LOW.SHOES. Look ladies, you can’t be trying to look cool and then falling on you arse when you wear your towering manolo ….whatever those dang shoes are called. Wear low heel shoes, and then you can skip around happily and not worry about face planting into the cement!


Ok! Now for all you studly dudes, here are the golden rules you must follow to be dressed for a successful date!

1.) Please. For the love of god. Wear LOOSE fitting pants. Not BAGGY(please don’t show your undies, women hate that) casual, good fitting, has room to breath pants. Look, the truth is, women do NOT want to look at your junk on the first date, so please do not wear pants so tight we can see Mt. Everest.

2.) I really love the khaki, chino look. Its handsome, casual, but not TOO casual. Iron your pants! And no rips! C’mon don’t make your mom iron them for you….

3.) Comb your hair dudes! Unless, you have none then your good. Please don’t look like you rolled outta bed.Brush back the hair, and throw on a dab of cologne. A dab, not the whole bottle.Women LOVE a good cologne(trust me) but we want the “essence” of it, we DON’T want you to have to take us to the ER cause we passed out.

4.)There always is this misconception that a tucked in shirt =nerdy. In fact, a man that  tucks in his shirt  is seen as respectful, and it shows he cares about his appearance, AND it is super sexy! So c’mon dudes, tuck it in. um…the shirt. 

Look, the truth is nobody is perfect. In the end, you’RE fated to be with your true love no matter what you wear, but first impressions go a long way, so do your best to look amazing! Trust me your date will appreciate it, and hopefully ask you out for a second date:) Now what to wear no a second date,THAT’S a whole ‘nother story….

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XOXO Fans,

Dramatic Erin



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