Weekly DIY-Body butter

Who DOESN’T love Body Butter?!?! Ok, fine you in the back of the class, put your hand down and leave. We don’t need no body butter haters up in here!  Now, for the rest of you body butter fans, stick around. Body butter is not only fun to say, but SO flippin delish! It is thicker than lotion, and permeates into your pores, leaving your skin soft and moisturized for HOURS!


What makes home made body butter better(woah now that was a tongue twister) is that you can make it without all those nasty chemical ingredients you can’t even pronounce. So now we can have HEALTHY, soft, delicious skin, wahoo!

This weeks DIY comes to us courtesy of the blog”Hens and Honey”.

You can find the instructions  on making your very own home made body butter by going here:


You will need:


Continue on to the link for detailed instructions. Thanks Hens and Honey, I am making mine now, and I cannot wait to smell like chocolate, I shall be good enough to eat!

Till later my fab fans,



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