Aggressive Marketing for Web businesses- Get off your chair and get to work

Are you ready for some aggressive marketing strategies for your web business? 

“Um, Erin being aggressive is RUDE, I prefer to be nice!”

Ok, let’s clear up some misconceptions about aggressive marketing. No one in business wants to be seen as the stereotypical used car salesman, who tries to sell you a lemon, or the door to door salesman that tries to hard sell you on the magazine subscriptions really have no desire to buy.But I like to see a positive in everything. These folks are aggressively marketing in a negative manner, but they ARE making you remember their product, right? 2 weeks later you may be bitterly remembering the annoying man at your door, happily shoving subscription cards in your face, and talking to you well after you shut the door in his face, but you still remember him, right? That is because he made an impression on you. Negative, but still an impression.

Whether you truly want to build an empire with your web business, or just sell up-cycled duct tape wallets in the comfort of your home, you still need market the shit out of what you want folks to buy. Yes, yes, I said a naughty word right there, but it was justified. And it felt kinda good….. ok, moving on.

Marketing is not just throwing your product on Social media sites, meekly asking people to look at it and expecting sales. Aggressive Marketing is getting out there and TALKING to people. This  meek approach is called “Soft Selling” and is a very common approach to marketing;But the truth is, if you are too subtle, or the same as the competition you will not get noticed. Perhaps you are happy being that DIY shop, with a few sales a year, which in that case…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!?! Ok , don’t leave. Stick around because I think you deserve and CAN get more out of your business.

Now, let me just say, aggressive marketing does not mean deceiving your prospects or deliberately pestering them, you want them to become lifelong customers after all.When you think of the word aggressive and it’s meaning: “showing a readiness or having a tendency to attack or do harm to others”, you may be put off. Think of aggressive marketing as exhibiting determination, energy, and initiative. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that businesses DO grow organically, but I also believe that you can fertilize your business for a more aggressive growth rate (this costs you money, more of your time, and forces you out of your comfort zone). Below are some tips to get you started. Get out there, and be aggressive, SELL YOUR SHIT! I know. I cursed again, but I SWEAR It felt darn good (pun intended). 🙂 Ok, go on, run, be aggressive! Be be aggressive! 

1.) Help Your Customers Find You

Social media is a start, and I will admit to getting exposure that way. Get on every social media site you are able too. But a stronger approach would be going into shops that look like they may carry your product; ask if they have a community bulletin board you can post on, if not strike up a convo about your shop, showing the confidence of what you sell! Make sure you leave with a card in their hand! 

See someone wearing/carrying a product similar to theirs? Stop them and tell them you love it! Then let them know you sell something similar and even more amazing! Give them a card and offer them a discount as a first customer. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, if you have started a business it is part of selling. Think of it as acting/playing a role. That is simple for me as I AM a theater actress! PHEW!

2.)Consider Every Customer a Repeat Buyer

Never think of any sale as a one-time deal; always treat each order as if you’ve just gained a loyal customer for life.As marketers, we often focus most of our attention on new customers while overlooking the needs and value of our return customers, the very people who will help us build real profit.According to most analysis, 25%  or more of a businesses profit comes from returning customers. Do not just let these customers go once they buy from you. Offer them return coupons, a free product with their next order, Ask them to please join your amazing email list to learn about New products. Be aggressive, I promise you they will feel appreciated, and not ready to buy from the shop around the corner.

3.) Target New Markets

By this I man target the customers that do not know that you exist. Beyond sharing on social media, Email lists, get out there and target the customers you know want to buy from you! This is another great time to  target retail shops that carry local handmade items. Bring in a sample of your product with a proposal ready. If they do not have time for you, be enthusiastic and make an appointment with  them. Ask them to look at your website to see what to have to offer. Consider a YouTube Channel showing off your shop and what you sell. Don’t make it generic, get right in their and SELL your product! Target your email subscribers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers with aggressive promotions on a limited number of items. Offer them deals only on the products you know they like and try to up-sell and cross sell other products with higher margins. I know I love a great deal!

Whatever way you decide to market will most likely determine how you always will do it. So get out, there be amazing, be aggressive, build your empire, and be confident in what you sell! Confidence will shine through for everyone to see .


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