How to open an Etsy shop and be successful-Part 2- How do I open my shop?

Welcome to part 2 of my Etsy success series!  If you have stuck around for part 2 it means you are not as trepidatious as i thought! 🙂 I promise you this will be easier than learning to ride a bike, driving a car for the first time, or your first kiss. Wait, scratch the first kiss, we ALL know first kisses are hard 🙂

There are a few musts when opening your Etsy shop that you just cannot get around: You HAVE to have a computer, and you need to be able to not be a total computer space cadet. I KNOW, that made ya angry, huh!? But the fact that you are reading this, tells me you know how to make your way around the inter-webs.


Ok! Time to build a snowman! Oh, wait….no, no. Don’t do that, the sign above distracted me…”Do you wanna build a SNOWMANNNNNN!!!!!” Ok. Seriously. I am so sorry. I am done. hum hum….

Ok! Time to get started for real this time.To start with you need a shop name. Remember, this is not just a cutesy name you think sounds fun. This is not to say you cannot re-brand in the future, but in the here and now you should be picking something that represents your product well and YOU well.It should be easy to understand by the name you choose, what you represent and possibly what you make. As an example :

“Loosey Goosey Designs”. That is bad. It tells me NOTHING. What do you make? Diapers? boob tassels? mother goose book purses? You should not be keeping your customers confused. A better choice would be : “Grey Goose Purse Designs”. It is cute, different and tells me exactly what you make. That is not to say you cannot be unique. After all, my shop is : “Dramatique Designs”. But it has an intriguing edge to it and draws customers to my shop. Now let’s get signed up to Etsy!


Go to, and get signed up with your chosen shop name and password. You CANNOT change your shop name. so once you choose it( I know totally sucky) you need to  stick with it, or forever be screwed and have to open ANOTHER shop. Derp. Who wants to do that?!

I am going to refer you to a great article on Etsy that will walk you through the detailed steps on opening your shop, and then I will talk a little about banners and profiles. The link is here:

Now that you have opened your shop….you have read the link and opened your shop, right?  Ok, great. Let’s talk about Shop banners! 


A banner is a graphic that goes at the top of your Etsy page, and typically should include your shop name along with the graphics. It should be clean, clear, and not so crazy busy that people are searching for your shop name in confusion. If you are a computer whiz then you can create your banner from scratch, using programs like : Adobe PHOTOSHOP, gimp, Picasa, and so forth. If you read this and literally just said ” HUH?!” then let’s get you some banner help 🙂 

Many shops on Etsy are actually IN the business to create graphics. My favorite, who has done many graphics for me is : VintageBella. You can find her shop link here:

She is excellent at creating what is in your imagination, and on top of that she is FAST! I highly recommend her, but you can also search for your own, or perhaps you know someone that create a banner for you. Just be sure it looks professional, clear , and concise. 

Now, in addition to creating a banner you should create an avatar as well that you will attach to your profile. Now, many people feel a photo of YOU is not only personal, but a nice way to invite your customers to get a look at the REAL you. I get that, but I prefer the look of a professional avatar that ties in with my banner and my business card. Whatever way you choose, is going to be the right feel for you. If you decide to have professional graphics, I suggest using the same person that created your banner. And for gob sake’s if you use a photo of you please try to steer clear of the drunken spring break photo, or funny Christmas office photo! Think of it as an acting head-shot: Professional, but represents you as an artistic creator!

Congrats! You made it through some of the tough stuff! Yes, there is more, but you are well on your way to becoming an Etsy shop owner! Stay tuned next week, when we talk about : SEO, shop announcements, about page, and photography.

You are a SUPERSTAR!


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