Weekly DIY- Felt and pine-cone owl ornaments

This weeks DIY comes to you courtesy of “www.liagriffith.com” and you can find the entire tutorial by going to this link:     http://liagriffith.com/kids-craft-felt-pinecone-owl-ornamants/

I ADORE this DIY because not only is it something you can do with your kids, it has a really nice, rustic feel to it, and it’s super easy too! I mean, who doesn’t like owls, RIGHT??!! Ok, so if you’re an owl hater, then move on… 😉

Supplies needed for project:

Felt in color of choice

Pinecones(get at any craft store)

Pipe cleaners(2 per owl)

Glue gun(can use regular but a hit glue gun will make this more secure)

Download free owl template and follow instructions and photos to put together! So adorable, I just wanna pinch those cute chubby wubby owl cheekie weekie’s…..Oh, sorry, I’m good. That was just owl speak for ….I LOVE OWLS! 

You could also easily make these as stand alone decorations on a table, or in your kid’s room. Either way, they are sure to be a hit in your home. ENJOY!


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