Support handmade and inspire an artist

I have always been a supporter of handmade, even long before I started designing and sewing myself! Behind every handmade item is hard work. The artist has put their efforts into each produced piece, often with their own 2 hands.

Some of us prefer the quality of handmade goods to flimsy, manufactured alternatives, and see buying handmade as a way  of protesting mass produced goods; I for one love the originality and authentic quality put into handmade items; I somehow feel like I am holding a magical piece created with love, sweat and tears built into one nice and neat package.

But for me personally, when people see my work I want them to be inspired not only by the product I have created, but how they can use it with their personal space, and environment surrounding them.

That all said, I  would love to inform you of my Cyber Monday sale today! I am offering 20% off in BOTH of my shops. Use code “CYBER1” when chocking out. ALSO, this applies to custom orders! * Must be paid in full to apply*

So go one, support handmade and visit my shops! I guarantee you, or a loved one will appreciate it 🙂



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