Weekly DIY -Oil photograph jars

This weeks weekly DIY comes courtesy of the blog : http://augandeverythingafter.blogspot.com/

These mason jars are brilliantly made with oil and photographs in a mason jar, to create a unique keepsake or gift!

I love how the photographs have a shadowy haze to them, and give of a vintage feel. I can see making these as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or just for myself! Either way it is super easy, and uber creative. Try making these with your kids, and use old vintage photographs, this quickly will become a favorite project around the home.

Supplies you will need : 

•Quart sized mason jar with lid (Any size that fits your photo)
•Black and white 4×6 picture trimmed to fit. (Or whatever size fits your jar, have it printed at your local photo store)
•Vegetable oil
•Dried flowers (optional)


Picture 6


1.) Insert your picture into the mason jar and pour enough vegetable oil to cover completely.


Picture 9

3.) Tighten the lid up and it’s done. The vegetable oil will suspend the picture inside the jar without penetrating or ruining it. The final look will be vintage and fabulous!

Picture 11



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