Weekly Diy-Bow Garlands


Today’s weekly DIY comes courtesy of : elizabethkartchner.com 

I love DIY’s for the kids rooms, mainly because kids are not too picky! Bright colors? Sure! Random placement on the walls? Yes!  Kids are happy as long as it looks fun!


I love the simplicity of this DIY and if I can sneak it past my hubby, I may have to try it on my own wall! Here are instructions from Lizzy, although I am sure you can customize it to fit your own style! ENJOY! 



First, I found 5 of my favorite Dear Lizzy papers from my Daydreamer collection.
ext, I bought a bow file through Silhouette that costs 99 cents. And arranged it so I could cut to bows on one paper. When you have the file in Silhouette Studio, right click on the displayed cut and click “Ungroup” then you can arrange it better so that you can fit more on one page.
Last I used hot glue to put the bows together and then glued them to yellow twine. I have a Dear Lizzy ribbon pack and twine pack on sale here.
Don’t forget ice cream bribery.
Quite an easy DIY but darling as ever. Could be used as decor, a birthday party you could use single bows for packaging and presents.

Find Lizzy’s site at :http://elizabethkartchner.com/


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