Weekly DIY-Make your own garden rocks

This weeks DIY project is courtesy of “diyncrafts.com.  Adorable decorated rocks for your garden! ROCKS  you say?!?! Yes, rocks can be turned into cute-ness! 

These rocks are perfect for identifying your vegetables, or even painting relaxing words on them for a zen garden look! Either way, you cannot go wrong. As long as you put a little creativity and zeal into this easy peasy project, you are SET!

Flat, smooth rocks will work best for this DIY project. Use different sizes; it does not have to be perfect.

Once you have the rocks, you can draw shapes, and write words with colored sharpies. Sharpies come in all different colors now so your rocks don’t have to be in black. You can choose whatever color you want and make your garden area goofy, spiritual, western, exotic, etc. ENJOY!



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