Weekly DIY- Rainbow fan

Summer is coming. And what better way to cool off than this DIY Rainbow Fan? This easy peasy project is super fun to do with the kids, and easy to gaze at for hours! Then, of course there is always the fun of talking into the fan: Luke, I am your faaaatherrrr”. Who doesn’t love that occupant of time 🙂

Here are directions for your super easy fan!

1) Color the Fan Blades : This is the only work you have to do and is the most important part.Buy whatever fabulous colors you want in your amazing new fan. Be sure to buy 5 colors, as there are 5 blades. I truly recommend using pastels, or lighter colors, darker colors may not give you the bright rainbow effect you want.

2) Wash your blades with warm soapy water and dry completely before painting. Paint each blade, front and back. Be aware if you only want to do the front, that is ok! No rules here!; let it dry to see if you want another coat. No need for fancy designs, as you will not see those when the blades are turning, but if you feel like going crazy, no one will be here to stop you!

3) Rotate the Fan : After colors have dried up, connect your fan to power source and rotate the fan. You will now be amazed at the fun colors on your fan!



*This photo is not owned by Dramatiquedesigns*

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