There is no right size, only a right you

How many times have you tried on a pair of pants, only to feel gleeful that that size 8,10,12, 14,16, is 2 sizes less than you normally wear and suddenly life is great? You must have lost weight , right? Life is good. Until you go into the other store and try to slip on that same size only to find you cannot get it over your hips. Did you gain weight? Life suddenly isn’t feeling so wonderful. 

This ideal that you are living up to is wrong. The size of the pants sitting on your hips do not define you. They did not gift you with the beautiful soul you posses, or the amazing brain you have. They are a number. YOU are not a number ,you are a beautiful and amazing woman/man who should flaunt what you have, because the skin your in is amazing. Do not pay to change who you are,because the reality of what you are doing may shock you.

Did you know that for the price of breast implant surgery , you could have a years worth of college tuition? Or how about the fact that a years worth of slim fast could get you a pair of tickets to fly out of the country? A pair of designer heels? Groceries for 3-5 months. The list goes on. Not to mention, these superficial acts will not change you, not really. 

There is no right “size” there is you. Have a little self-worth and love you. Live you. BE you.




2 thoughts on “There is no right size, only a right you

  1. You will never be happy with what you get until you are happy with what you have. You will never be happy with who you become until you are happy with who you are.

  2. Our society is way too obsessed with the “perfect” body. Great affirmation: “I love my body. My body loves me.”

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