Scarfs -An every day staple to our closet

I remember my first trip to India, all the wonder smells and beautiful colors surrounding me. One thing that really stuck out in my mind was all the  beautiful colors the women wore. flowing tops with breezy and soft cotton pants, swirling sari’s that were draped perfectly, and then there were the beautiful scarfs.Bright oranges and pinks,sunny yellows, teal blues with hints of delicate gold; all casually draped over their lovely dark skin.


Ever since that trip ( plus many more to other countries), I fell in love with scarfs. Whether it be protection for my neck from the cold winds of the pacific Northwest, or a colorful accessory to my outfit, I cannot live without them!

Scarfs are something that never go out of style, and can be worn all year round. Don’t be afraid to play up the color, and/or style. How can it not be fun to be comfortable AND stylish!

Have fun and don’t let your animals “scarf up” your scarfs! *My attempt of a corny joke, my husband would be proud!*


Find this on Etsy @ the shop ” Shovava”


* Find this on Etsy @  the shop “Foxesyarnbarn”


Find this on Etsy @ the shop “Kateramseyfelt”


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