Monthly style guide – February

January and February are considered the “coldest” months in my hometown of Portland Or. It is the months of possible snow storms, ice, and  blistery winds with temperatures dipping into the low teens, all the while us good ol Oregonians hunker down in our dens, praying for that snow day that will allow us to take a day off of  this game we call life!

In the winter months I often feel like the pillsbury dough boy, bundling up in layers until my arms are sticking out. It is hard to feel ” sexy” in all those layers, and I think that is where accessories come in to play. A time to look cute AND keep warm, right?

I ADORE arm warmers. Long, short, frilly, plain; they are stylish and they keep you warm ! Best of all are you can keep wearing them throughout the day since they are fingerless!


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I love that fingerless gloves are not a ” trend” they are stylish, can be very utilitarian if you want, but they are just a part of our daily wear!


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And there are so many different styles; knitted arm warmers, up-cycled arm warmers, jersey arm warmers, Victorian lace warmers, and so much more! All occasions are covered in this very basic accessory necessity.


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So get out there, and find a pair of cuties that speak true to you. You will be stylish AND warm, so it is a win win !


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