“The beauty within – Finding your natural beauty and loving it” – Part 5

Hi all my beautiful followers! Welcome to  part 4 of my miniseries, – ” The beauty within – Finding your natural beauty and loving it”.

It is funny, this originally was meant to be a 3 part miniseries, but there is such an interest in the women I have been meeting wanting to share their story, that I decide to continue on with  as long as I have fabulous ladies to work with!

This week I had the opportunity to get to know ”  Dijana Rukavina” ,who grew up in Croatia, but moved to the states at the young age of 14.  I have always been fascinated with different ethnicity’s, and really feel privileged the Dijana allowed me to interview her. She is simply lovely, and just a joy to speak with. 

Dijana is also a jewelry designer of some lovely couture inspired pieces ( see models are multi – talented!) and if you read her interview you will be treated at the end with her website!

Be sure to  read  the amazing interview, where Dijana talks about her experiences with modeling, the pluses and negatives to the fashion world and how it effects our perception of ” Raw beauty” and get to know Dijana  and see the amazing modeling photos , followed by her ” raw ” photos with no makeup in her true and lovely form!

Dijana, why don’t you tell Us a bit about yourself, before we start  : 



*Photographer credit ” Rodney Ray”*

Where do you live? I currently live in Portland, OR

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Croatia, Germany and moved to US when I was 14

Why are you pumped about this interview and its message? I sincerely believe that true beauty comes from within.

What are some personal hobbies? I enjoy modeling, dancing, fashion and jewelry making, and studying for my pharmacist license.

Are you single or married? I am single 

1.)    What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? :

When I moved to Portland OR in 2007 I started going to school and when I was finally done with all the studying, reading, and countless hours spent at the library I started modeling about a year ago after college. It all started with me meeting promotional models for my jewelry collection. An interest in fashion and Project Runway led me to start creating fashion jewelry. I have always been a huge fan of runway shows and the latest fashions from high end design houses. I have always been the new girl in town and moved a lot in my life. Fashion has been a staple interest all my life. I started to model because I wanted to meet more people and from Portland. 



*Photographer credit ” Rodney Ray”*

2.)    Why do you feel models are drawn to the industry?


 I feel that models are draws to the industry for a number of different reasons, mainly a love and interest in fashion, design, shopping and having fun. I think some probably do it for fame, attention, and others are simply trying to find themselves. I feel that women  grow up looking up to other women in magazines and aspire to be like them. The beauty of it is that every person is unique and has different reasons why they end up modeling.

3.)    How would you describe your style? Do you have a casual side to you?

I would describe my style as eclectic, soft, boho chic with a mix of vintage glam. I love fine  details in clothing. Other always tell me that I am elegant and classy. I also have a casual side, my casual clothes are made up of a collection of long cotton dresses, cashmere sweaters, thick socks, leggings, and lots of cardigans. I also make my own DIY clothes that I keep a diary of on my blog. 



*Photographer credit ” Rodney Ray”*

4.)    Do  you feel “curvy ” models  will ever fit in the modeling industry without being judged?

While I would like to answer yes, I doubt that curvy models will go without being judged. Curvy and too-thin models are judged on a parallel spectrum.  We live in a society where the slim women are still perceived as more beautiful and more healthy. I sincerely believe that some curvy models are far more exotic and beautiful however I also feel that there is beauty in being fit and healthy. Being at ideal weight is scientifically linked to a better cardiovascular health, less risk for diabetes and longevity.  I think that we should aspire to be – healthy.


5.)     Do you feel modeling sends the message “ This is what it takes to be beautiful” How can we change that?

 I feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fashion modeling, print ad and promotional modeling is more about the clothes and products and a lot of labels and catalogs do feature real looking women. I feel that messages about modeling depend on the context and the media presentation. I feel that the real question we should ask ourselves is where our values stand. As young women we need real role models. Real change for what we want to see starts with us, and that is something I have learned since I started modeling. When I was Miss Croatia for Miss Global and went to compete for the title of Miss Global, I liked that it was about cherishing diversity. I think our cultural differences make us so unique and beautiful. Women should be proud of their heritage and we should embrace that more within our communities. I have learned to celebrate who I am and I am proud where I come from. 


6.)    How can models inspire young girls who do not feel “ beautiful enough for the standards the industry carries?

 Top Models can inspire young girls to be themselves by sharing their stories, reveal more about their values in life, standing up for what they believe in, and living a life true to themselves. Sharing talents and traditions are all beautiful things. During Official Miss Global I found it truly beautiful when Miss Iran played the piano. It spoke on so many levels.  Beautiful women should not only be beautiful in pictures but they should be gracious, kind to others, eager to help those in need, volunteers, optimists, cheerleaders, and be role models for a living a more fruitful and healthy lifestyle. We should be advocates for education. I am so glad for my friends and family who supported me to pursue mine. It is a prized possession.

7.)    What , in your opinion is something negative you’ve experienced in the modeling world? How about positive?

I have learned a lot since I started modeling. The pluses:

You are more health conscious, learn proper posture, take better care of yourself, your skin and your hair. Being exposed to a lot of designers and photographers you learn a lot about garment construction, materials, style and gain a new appreciation for design, art and creativity.

The negatives: Modeling is by nature a very egocentric industry so you are bound to work with people who disrespect you. My advice is to always be prepared, bring a compcard, bring your own makeup bag and be ready to direction and wait for long hours. What disappointed me once was that my good intentions were misinterpreted, be kind and have a positive attitude. Set the standard.  Don’t be afraid to be sincere. 


8.)    What is your favorite thing about modeling?

All the beautiful clothes and traveling  🙂

9.)  Do you see modeling in your future, as a career? Why?

 I see myself modeling for a long time. I am passionate about diversity, setting a standard, being healthy, having fun, appreciating and bringing to life an artistic vision,  and being a role model for others. 


Want to speak to Djiana about booking or do you have questions for her? She would be happy to help. Find her @ her facebook pagewww.facebook.com/dijanarukavinamodel

Also visit her Jewelry page(s)  :http://bestinstyle.weebly.com/about.html



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