” The beauty within – Finding your natural beauty and loving it ” -Part 4

Hello, my Dramatique fans!  Welcome to part 4 of my miniseries, “The Beauty within- Finding your natural beauty and loving it.” This has been going so well, and I have been getting to know some truly amazing and beautiful women.

I would like to introduce” Mary Ward” from my home-state of Oregon! Mary was a joy to get to know; and is extremely intelligent, and beautiful both inside and out! I also most recently discovered what a stunning singing voice she has, and she is passionate about writing her own music. Be sure to catch her you tube channel at the end of this interview. Mary is very passionate about family and her work, and it really shines through in her interview!

Be sure to  read  the amazing interview, where Mary talks about her experiences with modeling, the pluses and negatives to the fashion world and how it effects our perception of ” Raw beauty” and get to know Mary  and see the amazing modeling photos , followed by her ” raw ” photos with no makeup in her true and lovely form!Mary, why don’t you tell Us a bit about yourself, before we start  :


Where do you live?

I live in Longview WA in a light pink house that I share with my three beautiful children and the love of my life.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the tiny city of Rainier OR. I lived on a farm in the hills, where I spent most of my days adventuring through the woods, wearing rubber boots and red lipstick.

Why are you pumped about this interview and its message?

 I feel there are so many sizes, shapes, and faces of beauty. True beauty really comes from learning to love yourself.  I am a mom, and at home, even when I am not dressed up or wearing a stitch of makeup, my children still hug me and tell me daily that I am beautiful. They have given me a confidence that conquers stretch marks, mommy tummy, smile lines, and all the little “prices” I have paid to be so happy. After all, before them I really didn’t let my beauty shine.

What are some personal hobbies?

I love music. I have been singing since 4 years old. I write music and have put a few songs on YouTube. Of course I love shopping. I take great pride in my bargain shopping skills and often search for vintage unique pieces. I also treasure slow days at home, drinking coffee with my husband while kids play, than ordering pizza and ending the night with a little family dance party before bedtime.

Are you single or married?

Married for 8 years

Thank you Mary! Read below for mary’s wonderfully insightful interview!



1.)  What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? :

I have loved fashion and modeling since I was very young. I found vintage JC penny catalogues from the 70s and would circle pictures that I thought were pretty. I tried a bit of modeling in high school, but not much came of it. It wasn’t until end of 2011 when I became very ill with Lyme disease and spent most of a year sick on the couch watching time slip by. I recovered for the most part and was not going to let anything slip away again. I found a casting for a Runway fashion show and applied. I than met a couple great friends there who are models and they told me about ModelMayhem. It has kind of been a whirlwind since then and I am loving it!

2.)    Why do you feel models are drawn to the industry?

Models are everywhere we look; Billboards, TV, magazine, and the internet. They inspire us with different ways we can express ourselves through hair, makeup, clothing etc. Models sell an idea. Some ideas are not as wholesome as others, but they are always influencing the world around them. There is a lot of power in that. If a model stays strong to their personal beliefs and goals, than it’s a very exciting thing to be part of. Modeling is also strongly linked to art and acting. I love photographs that can grab you and make you feel something without the model ever saying a word. 


3.)     How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more :

My style is all over the place, haha. I was homeschooled  and used to rummage through bags of hand me down clothes from family friends. I loved going to good will and wore some pretty crazy things as a child. I was never made to feel that I had to choose one style that would describe me as a person. So I love bohemian, city chic, rocker, vintage, mori girl etc. My very favorite fashion piece would be scarves. I love pairing a floral scarf with an artsy striped top and ripped skinny jeans.

4.)  Do you feel that thinner models have it bad since they are not “ curvy and womanly”? why?

There are certain modeling industries that I would not be right for. Honestly though I have gotten a lot more criticism in daily life. My brief experience with public middle school was when I first became self conscious of my shape, or lack there of. Kids made fun of me on the bus saying that I was a boy dressing up as a girl, and even made up some very cruel songs. I think for some girls, modeling can be where they first feel they fit. There are a lot of girls that are tall, a little gawky, and maybe they have strong facial features. Those girls are not usually the first to be asked to prom, but would be perfect for the modeling industry. I think all woman need to stop focusing on hating each others’ bodies and just start loving their own and supporting each other for it. The quote “Real woman have curves” is highly offensive to me and I see it almost daily. I have never been someone who judges the value of a person or their validity as a woman by whether they have a flat chest, are full figured, or any shape in between. Anything that says a woman is less than, simply is not ok. I may never have been well endowed or very hourglass; but my body as a woman has given birth, and my flat chest worked perfectly to breastfeed three babies for three different years. I am a woman.


5.)  Do you feel modeling sends the message “ This is what it takes to be beautiful” How can we change that?

I believe unfortunately it does send that message to a lot of people. One major issue is when people look in fashion magazines they don’t immediately acknowledge or know how much Photoshop has been used. Some editors take a photo of an already beautiful woman and lengthen her neck, widen her eyes, erase every possible bump or line and change her image into a un attainable version of “perfection”. I think images should be visibly labeled when the model in them has been Photo-shopped. That way people would become more aware of the reality of the images they see. Also I think the person who edits them may keep the changes they make more subtle. I am not anti Photoshop, but I believe some companies are starting to use it irresponsibly.  

6.) How can models inspire young girls who do not feel “beautiful enough for the standards the industry carries?

Projects like this help. It is obvious to me that we need to show more variety of woman. Showing only runway models who are at least 5’ 9 and look emaciated needs to stop. Also I think there should be more smiling. More goofiness and allowance for real human connection and less focus on “sex sells”. I want to see a model smiling in a magazine because she has just jumped in a puddle or is hugging a  close friend and not smiling because the corset she is wearing gives her a 22 inch waist or men are falling at her feet. Show girls that beautiful is doing something that makes you happy and smiling for the world to see.


7.) What , in your opinion is something negative you’ve experienced in the modeling world? How about positive?

Negative would have to be how many scams there are. There are people that prey on the dreams of others and then rob them by saying you need to get a portfolio or take these classes and never get them any jobs. Positive. Photographers I have met that actually look for uniqueness in models and value their differences.   

8.) What makes a good photographer?

Someone who is respectful of the model’s value as a person and as a professional that is a part of the creative process. Another rule of thumb, don’t work with a Photographer who won’t allow an escort.  


9.) What advice do you have for girls wanting to get into the biz?

Join Model Mayhem. If you don’t have a strong portfolio, don’t pay for one. Use Model mayhem to browse the photographers in your area and find some that offer Trade Shoots. There are amazingly talented photographers that want to do some creative shoots on the side, or want to add something to their portfolio. Contact them. You will get experience and start developing your portfolio for free. Be in every local runway show you can find. Don’t know where to find castings for them? Think of any events you have seen a Fashion show and google the event. Call the event coordinator and ask if they have started their model search yet, than give them your model mayhem URL. Fashion shows are great places to network, get experience, and get noticed.

Now for the personal aspect. Know about who you are. If you don’t know yourself, you can lose yourself. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of the fashion and modeling world. You need to have a strong sense of what is personally acceptable for you and what is not. Never do anything you are not comfortable with, or won’t be comfortable with in the future. Lastly, Love yourself enough to walk away from anything or anyone that makes you feel less than the beautiful person you know yourself to be.

You can find Mary on her “Model Mayhem” Profile if you are interested in booking her! You can also find her through her exlusive you tube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/zestygirl87

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