”The beauty within- Finding your natural beauty and loving it”- Part 2

Welcome to part 2  of ” The beauty within- Finding your natural beauty and loving it. ” I would like to introduce ” Amy Hughes” all The way From L.A.!

Amy  is a freelance artist, writer, model, and actress, and was born and raised in  Southern California. She moved up to Portland and lived there for 2 years, but is now back in sunny California.

Amy’s passion lies in the arts, and is  trying to experience as many different forms of art as possible. She has fell in love with modeling, and is passionate about spreading the word that everyone is beautiful in their own way.   

Here is Amy’s interview: be sure to see the amazing modeling photos , followed by her ” raw ” photos with no makeup in her true and lovely form!


1.)    Tell me how you got started in modeling :

I started modeling on a whim. I love fashion and am interested in learning about all the different aspects that fit within it. I’d watch Project Runway and What Not to Wear all the time. I’d also watch the marathons of America’s Next Top Model. I wasn’t very confident in myself at the time and felt especially insecure about how I looked. But after I left high school and became more independent, I started exploring all the different types of art that there is out there because art is my passion. And I decided to try new things. So I decided to try modeling. I started a Model Mayhem account and began making friends with photographers; and, that lead to many wonderful shoots.

2.)    What is one thing you love about modeling?

One thing that I love about modeling is that because it is involved in photography, and typically advertising, it is powerful and has meaning to a lot of people. It impacts their lives in some way, whether the photo can make them feel an emotion or bring a perspective on something. You can become a role model or a symbol to someone. You can affect people.


3.)    What is one thing you find negative about modeling?

The flip side to the possibility of positive influence of modeling is the often negative impact it can bring. Because the industry often dictates outrageous standards, like extreme heights and very small sizes and weight, it promotes the idea that there is a standard to beauty itself. And if you don’t have the “look” that is constantly being advertised as beautiful, then you can feel bad about yourself and become insecure. The industry tends to promote an unrealistic, cookie-cutter image.

4.)    Why, in your opinion does society look to models for fashion and makeup inspiration?

Models are the canvas for the fashion and makeup world. They show what the clothes and makeup look like on a human form. They bring life to the created materials. They become a part of the art. I think society looks to them because they are constantly being used in advertisements for these popular things and often become icons or symbols of beauty and status. They are a way of inspiration that is easily accessible to the public because of magazines, ads, and the like.


5.)    How do you feel our younger generation is effected by beauty on TV, Magazines, etc.?

I think the younger generation is affected because with all the technology and media that is growing and developing, we are constantly being bombarded by all of these images of what society perceives as “beautiful.” And this media overload and the messages they end up sending contributes to a lot of the insecurity issues that develop, especially in youth. They feel like they are not good enough because they don’t look a certain way.


6.)    What, in your opinion, is true beauty?

In my opinion, true beauty is what makes a person who they are, inside and out. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone is so different from each other. I don’t believe in the “you have to look like this in order to be socially acceptable and beautiful.” I believe that all the good things and all the little flaws combine to make up a unique person. I think that what a person is like, their personality and what they do and how they treat others, is what determines their beauty. I personally find a person that is caring and that goes after their passion as someone who is immensely beautiful.


7.)    How can you, in your opinion, make a difference in the pressures put on women to look a certain way?

I want to try to make a difference and try to relieve this huge pressure and strain put on people to look a certain way. That’s why I continue to model. Because even though I’m not the “industry standard”, I still think I have aspects to myself that are beautiful. I want to show that every size and shape should be celebrated. I think everyone should be able to be confident in themselves and love who they are and accept themselves. Because self-love is so incredibly important. And along with continuing modeling, I plan on starting a blog or website of some sort that will promote true beauty and a positive self-image. And I want to highlight beautiful, inspirational people that are making a difference. And on a smaller scale, just complimenting someone can have a great impact. 


8.)    Who is your inspiration and why?

I find inspiration in many aspects of life, whether it be people, art, or just the world and its interactions. As for inspirational people, I am constantly being inspired by those who have overcome adversity and go out of their way to help others. My mom has gone through a lot, but she is one of the most caring and generous people I have met. My best friend has also gone through many obstacles, but she tries to help people as much as she can. And there are many others I have met that inspire me with their kindness and willingness to help.As for models I find inspirational, I love Tyra Banks and Agyness Deyn. Tyra Banks has impacted so many people’s lives and I love that she embraces her curves and who she is. I love Agyness Deyn because her look is unconventional. I like the androgynous look that has become iconic for her. She seems confident even though she looks different from many models.

You can find Amy on the following sites : 




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