”The beauty within- Finding your natural beauty and loving it”-Part 1

Not to long ago I spoke about the 4 part miniseries I would be doing.


This mini-series will focus on models of all sizes who spend most of the limelight looking and feeling as if they must represent their ” kind” by appearing beautiful in societal terms. I want to “strip” these models of what society tells them to wear and show them fully natural with no makeup and wearing what they define as comfortable.

I would like to introduce the beautiful “Laura” for part 1.  Laura has been modeling for a fair amount of time, and wonderfully represents how a true model should carry her/him self: With poise, grace, and most of all loving the body that you have been blessed with. Let’s get to know Laura, and be sure to see the stripped down photos after the full make-up photos within the interview. These photos are with no makeup, in comfortable and relaxed clothing. This is in an effort to show that all you women out there ARE beautiful when in your natural state!  

Be sure to share this wonderful interview on your social networking sites, let’s spread the word about true beauty! 


*Photographer credit : Ed Devereaux*

1.) Tell us how you got started in modeling.

I had always had an interest in it. I first started by having a friend come with me to a photo shoot for a vintage clothing shop. They wanted all types and I thought it would be fun. It kind of spiked my interest in trying to keep going with it. I joined a modeling website and started connecting with photographers. The more I did, the more I enjoyed it.

 2.) What is one thing you love about modeling?

I love collaborating with photographers/stylists. I find it to be a great creative outlet. There are so many out there with these interesting concepts for shoots, and it feels good to be a part of it and have everyone happy about the outcome. 


3.) What is one thing you find negative about modeling ?

I would think the negative would be what many people would assume, which is being judged harshly on looks. I’m not really a fashion model, mostly based on my height. I’m also not super thin either. So there are certain ads/companies that want a specific height and measurements, and you won’t be considered if you don’t fit those.

4.) Why, in your opinion, does society look to models for fashion and makeup inspiration?

I think part of it is that advertising is such a huge business, and you can look most places and find an ad with a model. Bus stops, bill boards, magazines etc. So it’s common to see photos or commercials on a regular basis featuring models. It puts them in the spotlight and I would say it’s easy to see that model as a successful and happy person, so someone to look up to. And if you want to be like someone, you might start trying to emulate how they are, including appearance. 


*Photographer credit : Ed Devereaux*

5.) How do you feel our younger generation is effected by beauty on TV, Magazines, etc?

I think there is a very large effect on the younger generation. I know when I was younger, would see ads and not realize how much editing had gone into it, and would compare myself. I do think we are in an age where a larger variety of looks are being celebrated which is great. But I still think there’s a problem with young girls/women seeing perfected images and wondering why they don’t look like that too. There are some photos that are just very unrealistic due to photo-shop, like a cosmetic ad where the woman looks like she has no pores. That’s a pretty harsh standard to think you need to live up to!


 7.) How can you, in your opinion, a make a difference in the pressures put on women to look a certain way?
I also work with kids, so I like to think I can make a difference by celebrating children (both male and female) for who they are. I think making sure focus is not only on looks can help. That should not be the main concern for young kids growing up. First and foremost it should be learned to care about your fellow human.


8.) Who is your inspiration and why?

I have a few, but someone that I’m sure everyone knows is Jennifer Lawrence. I just find her attitude very refreshing. Not only is she extremely talented, but she also comes across as very real and down to earth. On top of that, she doesn’t think we should continue to make fun of people based on looks and constantly calling women out for being fat. I think she is someone others could look up to. 


Thank you, Laura for taking the time to share with us, you are a true beauty, model or not! And ladies, stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!


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