Style trends? They come from within

There is a new fashion trend I would love to see hit as 2014 rolls into view: Create your own. What is that you ask? Well, let us backtrack a bit. I grew up as a pre-teen of the 80’s, where I was in love with ” New Kids on The Block”, I wore poofy bangs doused in aqua-net, and neon was everywhere. The 90’s were during my teen-dom and I was totally into the grunge look that hit Seattle ( I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon). Back in my day( Whew that makes me feel old, and I am only 35!) I wanted to stick with the trends, but at the same time, societaly, it was more accepting to do whatever you felt was trendy. It was ok to experiment. My best girlfriend at the time and I would hit the bins at goodwill and forage through the sometimes strange and gross finds( we had to wear gloves!) and would come home with bags of amazing vintage coolness ( you can’t beat 50 cents a pound).

As I grew older my style changed, I became more self conscious and wore whatever the newest trend seemed to be simply so I could fit in. Fast forward to now, I have become more comfortable in my own skin and stopped worrying what others thought of my fashion. I now am a mixture of hippie, preppy when I feel like it, and bohemian…I guess you could say I am the everything of fashion. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in. If you looked in my closet you would find: Hippie gauzy shirts, plaid shirts, jeans, khaki pants, bohemian skirts, pinup dresses and so much more. Whoever said you have to follow one trend is an idiot. 

Unfortunately, young kids see trends in schools, in magazines, on celebrities, and wrongly feel that is what they need to look good.

There are some things I would like to do away with in fashion this year, and some things I would like to see being done more. First the ones that need to dissapear into a black hole, never to be seen again:

  • Lowrise pants of any kind. For your information “fashion industry” most girls have hips, and are tired of buying pants 2 sizes 2 big just so they will fit on their hips, and then having the draft fly obtrusively into their crack every time they sit down and the pants slip down.
  • High heels. Look, I am sorry but they are horribly bad for your back, for balance, and for your feet. Plus I am sorry but I am really tired of the ” hooker heels” It does not look attractive. Invest in some kitten heels. Way cuter, way easier on the feet.
  • Midriffs. C’mon ladies. I do not care if you are blessed with no Buddha belly, it is not attractive to show off the belly. Leave something to the imagination.
  • Daisy Dukes. They were fine on “dukes of hazzard” They are now annoying. The worst is when its is a bitter 20 or 30 degrees outside, and I see a teenage girl in daisy dukes and thongs freezing her ass off just to look cute.Cover your legs girls. And mothers? Stop letting your young girls dress like this, have some dignity.

And what would I like to see more of in the new year? It is simple : More woman feeling confident enough in their own skin. You do not need high heels, or short shorts to look beautiful. You already are beautiful.

In simply the fashion respect though, I would love to see more gauzy hippie shirts, cords ( so comfy) knitted items like legwarmers, up-cycled sweater, the fashion industry utilizing up-cycling and saving the earth more.

Let us enter the new year with the attitude that we ARE stylish, and no magazine, tv show, or model is going to tell us what is “in”. 




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