Starbucks? You really suck the joy out of Christmas

Christmas. What does it mean to you? I am sure the linger of presents may be on your mind, and also shopping for your loved ones. Yes, the stress we allow the holidays to place on our shoulders can be overwhelming to say the least.

But for the majority of the masses, Christmas is a time to spend with family. Maybe you live out of state and this is your only time to enjoy your holiday vacation with your family, or maybe you enjoy taking the time to volunteer to those less fortunate. I run my own business at home, and as someone who overworks herself I know how important it is to take time to myself. For sanity if nothing else. A day or 2 off is hardly that much to ask.

But what if you did not have that time off? What if you had to WORK on Christmas? Yup. That is right. There are still a few of those Money hungry corporations out there that do not give a shit about time with the family, but they DO give a shit about Money! Never-mind that one day of closing up shop so people can spend time with families is the HUMANE thing to do. It is all about the dollar signs. 

But some of you WANT to work. You need the time and a half. You need the money. But would it not give a lift to your spirits if you received a paid day off for Christmas?

One of these companies that really bugs me is : Starbucks. This company make a LOT of money. And I am not sorry to say that their coffee is not the best quality. I much prefer Dutch Brothers, or my Organic whole bean blend from Costco.

So, I would like to write Starbucks a letter. A letter to let them know exactly how I feel about them staying open on Christmas. I doubt they will care, after all they will be rolling in Millions of Dollars for all those people rolling through  the drive through to get their morning latte who may have (GASP!) died without it if they were closed. So, starbucks, here is my letter should you care to read it, and take some of it to heart: 


My name is Erin. Once upon a time when you were some of the only coffee shops around I would come running in for my morning latte, my eyes glowing at the thought of frothy foam touching my lips and burnt coffee perking me up.

It did not matter to me that I was spending a pretty penny for my flavored hot beverage, because I really did love visiting your establishment. I could sit in peace, reading, and sipping away.

Then, came Dutch Brothers, Black rock coffee, and other small drive through coffee shops, tempting me with lower prices, and more sugar free options than Starbucks will ever have. Fast forward to now, I admittedly visit Starbucks, but only in desperation, and if I happen to have $5.00 for my sugar free vanilla soy latte. It really is shocking that you charge $.60 for a wee bit of soy-milk, when I can buy a whole carton at the store. But I am veering off the subject here, so allow me to get back on track.

I noticed recently that my local Starbucks had a huge banner in front, proudly announcing ” WE ARE OPEN ON CHRISTMAS!”. Really, Starbucks? Really? You can not allow your employees one day off to enjoy time with their family? One measly day?

I know what you would answer to this : ” Many of our employees do not have family. Many employees need the money. We offer time and a half.”  BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

And I answer to you? SHAME ON YOU! You are so cheap and heartless that you could not give ALL of your employees a paid holiday? Oh, I know a paid holiday means….well it means they don’t work! Oh my goodness! Paid to not perform their employee duties?

Yes, Starbucks that is right. Paid to enjoy a day off. On Christmas. But…no. You want to shout out to the world : HEY EVERYONE! WE WILL SERVE YOUR COFFEE ON CHRISTMAS”! WE KNOW YOU GOTTA HAVE YOUR MORNING LATTE AND WE ARE MAKING SURE OUR EMPLOYEES ARE MISERABLE IN THE PROCESS!”

I could go on forever. But instead I will simply say:






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