Street Chic or Street never?

Elle magazine just posted a small article on their online website about what is street chic. Well, What DOES street chic actually mean you ask? To the fashion society at large it simply means: What is trendy. In. NOW.


As I perused these “ultra chic” outfits I started looking down at my own “chic” outfit of Jeans and a hippie Indian  top, I thought” If this is considered chic, then does this mean I would most certainly be in there” Dumpy outerwear, and how to fix it?!” Oh, hell no. Be PROUD of what your momma gave you ladies!


Do not buy into the twisted ways that the fashion world has tried to pin upon us.You know that $3,000 denim jean skirt that girl is strutting on the runway in a zombie fashion?  Save yourself $2,970 and go buy one at your trendy local thrift shop.

Wear what is fashionable to YOU not what is fashionable to society, celebrities, socialites and more. Be comfortable in your own skin to know that that you are wearing IS street chic.

.All body types, all style types; there is no right or wrong, just believe in yourself!


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