Monthly style guide – Delicious cowls, a trend that is here to stay

Oh, how I LOVE cowls! They are no longer a way to keep warm, they have become quite fashionable as well. I love the various styles of handmade knitted cowls that are being made and sold online( * Yes I am one of THOSE sellers- woot to self promotions!)

It is funny how knitted items used to not hold a very high title in the fashion world; they were for “Grandma’s” right?! Well, no longer is that the case. Knitted items are trending everywhere; Cowls, finger-less gloves, hats, dresses, lingerie, and so much more.

But here I have gone and veered off the track, so common of me when it comes to talking about fashion:) With this crisp fall weather creeping up on us, it is the perfect time to wrap yourself in delicious cowl-ness.  I also love the fact that cowls are NOT just for women! First hand experience tells me that my husband can rock a cowl like you wouldn’t believe!

Alternately, if you have ever wanted to learn to knit there are so many wonderful patterns, and you tube videos willing and ready to teach you!. I highly recommend for all levels of experience, and “iknits” has an amazing youtube channel with easy to follow patterns and tutorials. Either way this is a perfect time to stock up on all those cozy knitted items; fashion-wise they are extremely trendy! Be sure to visit my knit shop where I sell all styles of knitwear:

*The following photos are not my own, but merely a representation of the amazing styles you can find*



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