RAW Artists- Creating something real for artists everywhere

Me wearing my own design, being interviewed by the amazing Jeremiah Stroup after my fashion show:


I recently had the pleasure of having my fashions on the runway for the very first time at : RAW ARTISTS -Elevations in Portland OR at the Bossanova Ballroom.

I have read some not so tasteful reviews of RAW and I have to say is that it is all : BULL! Raw is an outlet for artists of all walks to have a space to expose themselves to the world and get promoted in the process.

Most of what I have read is that the fact that the artists have to “sell 20 tickets” or pay for the rest is a ripoff. I am going to defend RAW in a big way by saying” GET OVER IT ARTISTS!” RAW not only has an amazing media package to promote you including: video interviews that are edited by hollywood professionals, thousands of photos at your disposal to use in your artistic portfolio, promotions onstage the night of the event with a live interview, a space to sell your wares, media coverage, and so so much more! As artists we cannot expect people to ONLY pursue us. We MUST take the time to get out there and promote ourselves. Sometimes that costs. It could mean paying for a booth space at a craft fair, paying for high quality photos of your items, hiring models, paying to have your shop, whether online or off look the best it can…the list goes on.  Selling 20 tickets to RAW is not something I feel I HAD to do. It was an opportunity to market to my friends, family , and the general public that they were going to see my first fashion show and have an amazing time at all the events going on at RAW! Not to mention if I sold all my tickets, I got 20 FREE! That’s right I got to hand out free tickets!

I see RAW as an extremely positive experience. I was able to show the world that I CAN create amazing fashions, and walking down that runway to take a bow as everyone cheered literally almost left me in tears of happiness; I finally felt recognized for what I do.

Thank you RAW Artists for believing in me and the fact that I can create.I truly am a starving artist and I know someday I will make it big. But it requires hard work, and I am proud to say RAW supported me in my endeavors. My name is Erin, and I am a RAW ARTIST! See my fashions below!







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