Support me in my RAW Artists show!

I recently was asked to participate in my first fashion show, a real honor for me because I finally feel like my career is heading in the direction I want.

I am reaching out for support and trying to sell tickets for the fashion show that my original designs will be in for “Raw artists festival” On September 12th. This festival shows throughout the united states and features :Fashion designers, musicians, film makers, makeup artists, photographers, performance art and so much more. I will also have a small space to sell my items I make. This event is being held at the beautiful “Bossanova Ballroom” in Portland Oregon. This event could reach up to 800 in attendance! There is also a “best of” awards show if my designs are chosen to progress to the awards show.

I have a deadline of September 9th to sell the remainder of my tickets. If I sell them I get 20 free, which means YOU get a free one! Even if you are not local you can still purchase a ticket in support.

I would very much appreciate anyone willing to help me, this is a high point in my career and I am very proud. To purchase, go to my personal RAW Artists page : and at the top right click” buy a ticket for this artist” and follow the instructions.

Also if you are willing to share this on social media sites I would so appreciate it!

Thank you for any support you can offer to reach my goal!



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