Monthly Style Guide-August

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 50’s dresses. The way they twirl, the way they fall, they way they cinch your waist and lift your girls to look effortless. Unfortunately, the REAL vintage dresses do not fit me . Perhaps it is because I am a normal woman with curves and do not have, I don’t know, A 22 INCH WAIST! Le sigh. 

But that is ok, because nowadays there are plenty of shops online, and dotting the streets of our cities that offer sizes that can accommodate our very normal curves.

I am really loving the site “” Affordable, cute, fun 50’s clothing. It is a retro but with a modern twist.I like that they really capture the era without going : costumey” . The 50’s were truly the golden age of design and I feel that more and more people are starting to recognize that. Well made and fashionable; not at all like the fashion today.

Whatever your style may be, we all, as women, love to have that special moment where we dress up. I for one love to feel sexy, and most importantly embrace my curves, and what a better way to do it in a type of fashion that truly embraces a woman’s body!




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