Color and mood: How it affects our buying

I have always been fascinated with color from the science behind it to the way it affects our moods. But did you ever stop to think how it affects or purchase choices in the fashion world among other buying choices?

Visual sense is the strongest developed one in human beings, so it seems only natural that 90% of the assessment for trying a product is visual based. Here are some words to describe the feelings and moods behind the colors we choose:

Black:Strong, powerful,professional

Yellow: Joyful, happy, bold

Blue:Calm, Focused, peaceful

Green: Youthful, Adventurous, quirky

What words come to mind with the colors you wear? Does the color you choose to wear affect how you feel? Do you tend to purchase bright colors for a cheerful feeling? Take a look at some of the brands you buy. What colors do these name brands tend to use? I bet you never thought color could be a marketing strategy, right?

Have you ever asked yourself why Facebook is blue? Mark Zuckerberg has said that he is “red and green colorblind”, so blue is the richest color he can see. He is quoted in saying”Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue.”

Next time you make a purchase, or search for something to wear think about your mood and how you would like to represent that. Color truly is amazing.



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