Real women have curves

Recently, clothing retailer” Abercrombie and Bitch” (oops, i meant “fitch”) admitted that they refuse to sell black colored clothing because it had a “funeral feel to it”. I find it funny that they would decide for others how something looks. This admission certainly does not help their overall sales considering the CEO Mike Jeffries  has been quoted, more or less, in saying that he did not want overweight, unpopular, are over 18 male or female people wearing the brand.  Abercrombie also does not donate un-sold merchandise to second hand stores such as goodwill, they instead BURN the clothing. That is right I said BURN.

I honestly could go on for hours about what a complete douche-bag this man is, but he is not worth my time. Instead I would love to profess to the world my passion of acceptance.

We all have parts of our body we may not love like our arms, legs, face, or maybe you just do not like anything about yourself. Well, shame on you! Confidence is one the most attractive traits that we as humans carry.Loving who you are and showing it is completely sexy.

We all know that TV, magazines, runway models, and idiots like Mike Jeffries have tried to tear down our confidence, and for many of us they have won. Well, you can get that inner glow of love for yourself back!

I think one of the many ways to bring back that smile is through fashion. Who says that just because I am a size 10, 12,14,or 16 that I cannot wear a sexy dress, or a bikini? I love the fact that plus size modeling is real and alive, with normal , curvy women strutting their stuff on the runway. 

Let your inner diva come out with fashion vengeance and tell the world ” I AM GORGEOUS AND THE WORLD DESERVES TO KNOW IT”

And the next time you see an Abercrombie clothing item left or forgotten  on a sale rack in a store, do me a favor and spend the few bucks it costs to buy it and give it to someone one the streets who has nothing. Take that Abercrombie.



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