Fashion, A lost art

I must say, I am really disappointed in society’s idea of fashion in this day in age. Fashion, it seems, has always been very progressive in that it always had something fresh, a new trend that would take place of the old one.

The 20’s were really the golden age of starting a forward trend in my belief. It was the perfect blend between style and function, allowing women to move freely, ridding of any constriction that garments used to have. It was when clothing started to be about looking pretty and not just providing some sort of functionality. I call this era: Fashion: A star is born”

Then came the 40’s and 50’s. Because of the war in the 40’s “fabulous dressing” died down for some time. Designers became less wasteful with their fabric and a more “simplistic style” was born.Long full skirts and peter pan collars were common in women’s clothing, while simplistic suits were an everyday staple for the man of the house. I call this era “Unforgettable fashion” because these simplistic vintage styles have really made an impact on society and has never gone out of style.

Fashion exploded like a hippie rainbow in the 60’s and 70’s. In the 60’s tails on coats and vests were what the businessman wore, while the fashion of the hat for men seemed to disappear altogether, however for the woman of the 60’s it became ever present with the fashionable pillbox hat!  Fashion for teens in the 60’s were very simplistic and plain , boys wore pants and a tucked in shirt while women stuck true to the dress but started to become more expressive with their hair and the beehive rolled into town. Faces were free of beards, and  you would never see a tattoo in plain view! Finally in the 70’s women rebelled and decided it was time to start wearing pants , and the famous “pantsuit” was born along with bell-bottoms  Guys grew their hair and women shortened their shorts to almost nothing. I like to think of the 70’s as the “rebellion of fashion” It was a time to be free and give yourself permission to experiment and be different from everybody else.

Next rolled in the 80’s and and “neon” was blindingly born.It seems like the 80’s were a time for people to “find themselves”. Men burst out with their individuality with heavy makeup and long hair, and women piled on the layers of clothing, teased the hair, and they didn’t just “accessorize” they “excessorized!” I think many people may argue that the 80’s was “too big”, and everything was “in your face”, I mean was it really fashionable to wear stonewashed jeans, shoulder pads, neon crop tops, legwarmers, and 100 jelly bracelets on each arm, all in one outfit? Well, like totally for sure! I call this the “panic fashion era”. There was this worry that somehow there wouldn’t be enough time to wear all the trends available before the next fashion era started.Even though I do not think that I will be wearing acid wash jeans any time soon, I must say the decade of the 80’s continues to inspire me, and somewhere in my closet you might find few pairs of leg warmers… The 90’s for me were very forgettable. It was like everyone became very complacent and morose about fashion, and all the amazing trends were already done, so why bother? I call this era” Fashion rejection” because it is really what led to the lack of fashion today.The “grunge” era was born ,although I prefer to call it the “i just don’t care” era, as we rolled  out of bed in our baggy jeans,our holey white t’shirt, and our dirty plaid shirt that was “in style.”Did I forget to mention there was no hair trend? We just chose not to comb it and dreadlocks were “born” quite literally on our precious heads.Girls wore their slips OVER their t-shirts,  overalls came into the world, and apparently it was really awesome to wear them with one strap hanging down. SO glad that trend did not stick.Big chunky shoes and boots tied off our “really cool” outfits as we clonked off into the sunset.

Fast forward to now, and why I am so disappointed in fashion these days. The fact of the matter is there IS no trend. While it is  admirable that people have chosen not to be followers and choose there own fashion, it seems that people have stopped caring altogether  While some trends will always be fashionable like the timelessness of vintage, pinup gals, the wispy bohemians of the 60’s, and the riskiness of mixing eras, there  are certain designers and manufacturers that try bringing fashion back into this world kicking and screaming. Stores like target feature acid wash neon jeans in glaring neon colors, and long and shapeless skirts with boring floral designs. Face it, only Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink” was the only girl thatcould pull off the ” I look like a flower threw up on me look”. And the WORST offender of the 21st century is the guys that think it is somehow fashionable to wear their pants UNDER their butt with their boxers on display for us all to gawk at. They waddle down the street like a duck that needs to take a crap in the worst way , as they fight to keep there pants on. And then there are the few additional offenders that have decided how fashionable it looks to KEEP THE TAG ON! That’s right, you heard me, why take the tag off your pants? Keep it on to show how much you spent on this fashion disaster you are parading around with your ass hanging out.Men are not the only offenders, parents have stopped noticing somehow that their young preteen girls are leaving their house in shorts so short it might as well be a bikini bottom. Clothes and women have become tighter and more body parts appear to be falling out .The days of perfect fits are gone. I call our current era” Fashion: The lost art”.

I imagine the next era being very sci fi with slick silver pants, cool metal jewelry  and perhaps the go-go boots will come back in style. Color will drain out of style and silver and black will be all you see as you vacation on the moon.

Being a fashion designer, I love creating what i feel is lost to this world. I hope that I can be a small part of what will move fashion forward, and bring some love, light and color to this world!



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