APattern-Less life

What is pattern-less sewing? It is really quite simple I am sure you are thinking, ” Use no pattern, sew, right”?

I Think with anything artistic you do you must have a passion for it. It is much like a canvas on the wall and painting whatever comes to your mind. No planning, no formations, just going with the flow and letting your creative juices flow.


 I love pattern-less sewing because it teaches me to live a little and not be scared of the outcome. It enriches my daily life, and shows that I also do not have to have a “pattern” with my life. Not everything is uniform, and needs structure. Sometimes we need  walk into like with an open heart and an open mind, not being afraid to try something new.


So I invite all you seamstresses to try something new today. Walk into your sacred space and do not reach for that pattern, or that knitting book, or the laptop that helps you make the perfect A-line skirt. Pick up some fabric that really calls out to you, grab some scissors and pins and start creating like a wild woman. Do crazy uneven sewing lines and zig-zags, grab that piece of velvet that before wasn’t quite big enough to do anything with and sew it on or make a flower out of it, grab the bag of lace you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet and waiting for something special to use it with. Put on some music and sing along loudly while the hum of your machine sews wild lines into your fabric and heart. Be different, no structure. Trust me, you will feel liberated.


And for all you others that do not sew but want to adopt a little bit of this pattern-less lifestyle, go for it!!! How about that foreign restaurant you drive by everyday, you cant read the name of it, you have no idea what they serve , but you are dying to be adventurous and walk in, well do it! Or maybe you’ve been secretly hoarding a bit of a want to stay up all night and watch re-runs of ” All in the Family”, well do it!


Take away from the uniform of your life and tell yourself it is ok to be unstructured sometimes, it is ok to want, and fulfill those wants, let us break free from the patterns of life…..


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