The magic of spring is finally here

My magical spring line is finally here! I’ve worked hard on this line, and it embodies my vision of spring; bright colors, beautiful chaos, birds, fairies, bright suns and gentle moons, and so much more. This line is largely hand-stitched, hand embroidered, and carefully thought out. 

I tend to stray from traditional sizing since much of my offerings are upcycled. I do however strive to offer an array of sizes to fit all you beautiful women! I put full measurements on all of my listings to help you find the best and most honest fit. Below is a sampling of what I have to offer in my spring line; visiting my website by clicking here to see all of my beauties that I am so very proud of making!


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The magic of spring is nearly here

My amazing spring line is nearly here; only 2 more days before the big reveal. The thing about handmade is that it truly integrates the happiness and the tears that is takes to create a line. It embodies the creativity that we hope to integrate into our handmade pieces.


This spring line that I am preparing to unveil features so much beauty and color. It features joy, magic, and so much more. I cannot wait to share this whimsical line with you and all the joy that went into creating it. Below is a sneak preview of one of my handmade jackets; be sure to follow me on Facebook for the full reveal throughout the day, and visit my website to purchase!

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*A sneak peek at our ” Victoriana in India” jacket*


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Monthly Handmade Style Guide

This month we are going to rave about embroidery! Whether on shirts, coats, pants, purses, shoes, and more; hand embroidery is a unique and decorative way to showcase your handmade fashions.

Examples of embroidery have been dated as far back as the 3rd century BC in China;and was also very important in Islamic culture as it was a sign of high social status in Muslim societies. it is a beautiful process that has been around for years, and the way we have integrated into our everyday wear is unique, beautiful, and will never be a trend that will fail as it is an unstoppable art.

Image result for i love  embroidery

Remember, supporting handmade artisans means so much more than you may know; a handmade item is valued far more than an item that was made for mass consumption. There is a sense of authenticity and originality where handmade is concerned. There are so many other reasons; but lets start by rejecting the mass market of mediocrity.

Let’s take a look at some amazing hand embroidered fashions!


I really adore this embroidered feminist tee! Find this cutie @ Bitty Brooklyn on Etsy.

FEMINIST TEE - feminist shirt future is female hand embroidered embroidery boobs tshirt protest tee top feminist af womens march shirt

OMG I cannot even handle how ADORABLE this felted and embroidered purse is! Find it @ Life and Wool on Etsy.

Crossbody Handbag Small Felted Bags and Purse Needle Felted Make Up Purse Gift for Her

How can you NOT feel cute in these charming embroidery hoop necklaces? Find them @ Mary’s Dream Studio on Etsy.

Bee Jewelry - Bee Necklace - Hoop Art - Just Be Mindfulness -  Personalized Gift  - Hand Embroidery - modern embroidery - Honey Bee

This embroidered hoop art TOTALLY speaks to me as it mentions a line from one of my favorite musicals(Sound of Music!). Find this amazing piece of artistry @  Garland and Pendant on Etsy.

Climb Every Mountain Hand Embroidered Hoop | Sound of Music, embroidery hoop art, Rustic, Mountains, Woodland, Adventure, hand embroidery

This stunning cotton dress was hand embroidered; this is the real deal my friends! This is artistry at it’s finest; one of a kind and so gorgeous. Find this dress @ Solomiya ON Etsy.

Ukrainian Traditional Boho Lacy Wedding, Prom, Engagement Dress. Floral Design: Red Poppy Flowers, Chamomile, Cornflowers. Hand Embroidered.


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Review: The Balm -By Nieves

Today I am reviewing one of the most amazing bodycare products I have every tried;  “The Balm” By Nieves. This amazing product contains organic sesame and coconut oils, soy wax, and intoxicating essential oils of virginia cedar, lavender, ylang ylang, and orange.

Image result for the balm by nieves

It can be difficult to find products that do not have a lot of chemical ingredients. I am a huge advocate of organic and pure; I want to know what I am putting on my body and this product does not disappoint.

 As Nieves says in her “About” section on her website :


“I started By Nieves in Oakland and later moved the whole operation to Northern California’s remote and wild Lost Coast, where I find as much inspiration in the fresh air and open space as I did in the city.

Even though I live on the edge of the world and like to keep things simple, I do admit I kinda like luxury. Each and every By Nieves product is as sensually indulgent as it is natural.”

Nieves has high standards for her products, as well she should for such incredible products. She has this to say about her incredible skin care line :

“I make just a few products, each one multi-functional and great for most skin types. My ingredients are powerful, simple, vegan, and organic when possible.”


I had the opportunity to pick up “The Balm” at a craft fair in Portland a year or so ago. To be honest the glorious and rich scent affected me the most and that is what made me buy it.  Admittedly, it sat on my shelf for some time before I began to use it on my hands for scent and softness.

I pulled it out a few weeks ago to try on my cracked heels as nothing else was helping. I massaged a dime size amount on each heel (it doesn’t take much), and the overnight results were magical. I woke up to soft, supple heels, no cracks, no pain; there was just a touch of roughness left and that cleared up after 2-3 days of continued use! I was so shocked I could not believe the rate of healing. 

The Balm is absolutely a daily product that can help eczema, athletes foot, cracked heels, after shave balm, massage balm, and the list goes on. It is gentle, healthy, and non-irritating for the skin. I personally love dabbing it on my pulse points as a heady, sexy perfume; the scent is extremely long lasting. I know that part of reviewing is offering the good and bad, but honestly, I do not have one negative thing to say about this product! I want to try more of By Nieves amazing products so I can spread the word about handcrafted, healthy skincare products. Here are a few final bullet points about my favorite parts of this amazing product:

  • Long lasting ingredients
  • Intoxicatingly beautiful scent, but not overwhelming
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Hand crafted in small batches
  • Fair pricing
  • Vegan and cruelty free

I hope to get the opportunity to try and review all of By Nieves products; if they are as good as The Balm I will be in heaven. As always, with any product it will not always work with every skin type.  If you feel uncertain or concerned about trying a whole bottle or container of any of  By Nieves products, I recommend the “Dabble” bag on their website. It features small trial sizes of their products and is only $20.00.


From website: “Customers love my skincare products, and we’re proud of what the press has said. We we’ve been awarded ‘Best Local Skincare’ in the SF Weekly and featured in The New York Times.”

You can find  all of By Nieves stunning products  on their website @


Visit them on social media:




*Disclaimer- Information is provided for general informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice. Product information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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