DIY- 10 minute sugar scrub

I LOVE sugar scrub. It is an excellent exfoliant AND moisturizer, and has ingredients that most of us can find right in our kitchen cupboards. Also, this recipe is SO easy, a child could make it. No, for realsies my 13 year old daughter made some in her after school program! This scrub should only take you about 10 minutes, now THAT is easy!


Making scrubs is not only great to treat yourself and the family, but are so wonderful as gifts. Whether you need an inexpensive holiday, or a reason to treat a special friend, this is a great DIY! Now, just a few notes about the materials below: You do not HAVE to use essential oil, but I highly recommend it. Essential oils have many different healing effects mentally, physically, and emotionally,and they smell great! Also coconut oil as your base moisturizer is my top choice for a deep moisturizer, and it is an edible oil so it is non-toxic.Ok, let’s start !


  • 1/2 cup organic coconut
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar (you can use up to 1/2 cup if you want your scrub to have a more coarse, sand-like texture)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Lavender essential oil (about 25 drops)
  • Jar(I recommend glass only. essential oils will last longer)
  • Free printable label (optional)


  1. Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl.  (Do not heat the coconut oil, as it will dissolve the sugar)
  2. Mix slowly, but thoroughly, then put into your chosen glass container.
  3. 3.) Affix chosen label, or decoration to top of jar. You can also use some twine and paper with a hole punched through to make a hanging label, just tie around top of jar!


To Use:

Massage gently onto face, hands, arms or legs for 30 seconds while in shower. Remember , a little goes a long way so use sparingly! Do not put on feet as you may fall in the shower. I hope you had fun with my DIY, be sure to send photos, and let me know all the fun scents you made, wahoo!

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Dramatic Erin

From drab to fab in less than 5 minutes

 ” Ok, I know what you are thinking: “Erin! It TOTES takes me way longer than 5 minutes to look fab, are you cray-cray”?!?!” Ladies, you TOTES need to trust your gal pal! I got your back. word.


Ok  so here is a scenario in which you would need to apply this drab to fab ordeal! You are sitting on the couch in your Teenage Mutant Ninja footie Pajamas, eating your natural Cheetos (hey, they ARE healthier), zit cream placed strategically on your face, hair in pigtails, and ready to watch “Clueless” ahh! this is the life!


Just as “Cher” is about to change her outfit again, your phone rings; yay! It’s your man! You answer cheerful, asking him how work is going. “I got off work early babe! I will be at your place in 5 minutes; I am surprising you by taking you to the new chick flick that is out! See you soon babe!”  

You stare at your phone in HORROR, there is NO way your man can see you in footie pajamas! You quickly wipe your cheesy fingers on Donatello’s face and race upstairs to the bathroom; it is EMERGENCY time!


Now is where your 5 minutes come into play. The only 3 things you should be concerned with is :face, hair, clothes. It IS possible!

1.) 30 seconds:Give your fave a quick wipe with a makeup towelette to quickly clean and and refresh it. I LOVE “Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Wipes”, these wipes are not only refreshing, but they smell like REAL grapefruit! nom nom nom. No nasty chemical smells.

2.)30 seconds: Rather than taking time to foundation and then  powder your face, go for an all in one cream/powder in a compact for a quick 30 second touch up of any blemishes. I adore “Cover girl Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation” , it is smooth, non clumpy and non streaky.

3.) 30 seconds: Good News! You have only used a minute of your time! Next Grab some cream blush and with 2 fingers and a big smile, softly rub in your favorite color of blush on the apple of your cheeks.Cream blush is way easier than powder blush and the sheen it has makes it look more natural on the skin. My go to is :”Mary Kay Cream cream blush in SheerBliss”

4.)30 seconds:Grab your fave color lip gloss and swipe on a thin layer. Not only does lip-gloss add that natural glow, it is way less time consuming than lip liner and lipstick. I love ” Mary Kay @play Jelly Lip Gloss ” in any color! They are not sticky at all, and offer a natural tint.

5.) Whew! 3 minutes to spare! 30 seconds: Most hair will respond wonderfully to a natural sea salt spray, giving it that natural beach tousled look, without stickiness. I have been using this brand for a long time, it smells fabulous and is inexpensive:”Got2Be Beach Trippin Salt Infused Waving Spray”

6.) Ok you’ve got 2.5 minute, time to get dressed! You should ALWAYS have an emergency outfit set aside for occasions like this. Nothing fancy, nothing you have to take HOURS choosing, just something casual and cute. I recommend easy fit jeans and a pullover sweater(or blouse if it is hot) and some zip up boots. Have I mention that Merrell Captiva Launch Mid 2 Waterproof Casual Boots are the most comfortable, adorable shoes EVER! Basic black lether boot with simple button accents, side zip, and affordable at $100(through Amazon).

OMG! You are ready! And just in time as you here the doorbell ring. a quck sprtiz of a fresh, light perfume on the wrists ties it together( I love the light fresh scent of “Mary Kay Thinking of You” only $32.00!) You open the door, and your man sucks in his breath sharply ” Damn baby, you look HOT!” 

Yup, he doesn’t need to know it only took you 5 minutes to say goodnight to your turtle friends:)

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Daily Inspiration Quote

Love the fool within, don’t be foolish(collective groan). Seriously though, this phrase speaks such utter truth. Love ALL of you, you’re worth it <3

Learn to love the fool in you

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Dear Kanye West, You’re a twat

Ok, I didn’t say Kanye was a twat, “Shirley Manson” of the awesome band “Garbage” did, and I am NOT going to disagree with her. This means I also think Kanye West is a Twat. Ooo. I feel dirty and evil saying that word! But I only reserve it for people that deserve it.

Read Shirley’s letter to Kanye below. And Kanye, in the 1 and  billion chance you read this? Don’t be a twat(giggle). Go blow some money on your wife, be rich, sleep in, don’t worry about paying your bills, or whether or not you can afford groceries; oh BTW, this is what all of us normies do on a daily basis! gasp! Stop wasting your time being acting like a ……yup, you guessed it.

Shirley Manson’s open letter on her Facebook to Kanye West:

Dear Kanye West

It is YOU who is so busy disrespecting artistry.
You disrespect your own remarkable talents and more importantly you disrespect the talent, hard work and tenacity of all artists when you go so rudely and savagely after such an accomplished and humble artist like BECK.
You make yourself look small and petty and spoilt.
In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own.
Grow up and stop throwing your toys around.
You are making yourself look like a complete twat.

Ps.I am pretty certain Beyonce doesn’t need you fighting any battles on her account. Seems like she’s got everything covered perfectly well on her own.”

Can we say BURN!?!?! Go SHIRLEY!


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